5 Must-Try Wines at This Year’s Suwanee Wine Fest


By: Karl Furem/ Beverage Superstore


Okay everybody, we are getting close… it’s almost time. Don’t wait, you will want to get your tickets early for the 4th annual Suwanee Wine Fest because there is a chance they will sell out. That’s right, November 5th is just around the corner! I had a great time last year (it was the first one I had attended) and am very excited about this year’s festival! So to whet your appetites, we will preview five wines that will be available for tasting at this year’s Suwanee Wine Fest…

Southern Bellebell

Spain’s “Southern Belle” Red Blend is 50% Monastrell and 50% Syrah aged in bourbon barrels. This big, full-bodied wine pours deep inky purple, with blackberry and blueberry flavors abundantly dominant and raspberry trying to get noticed. The finish starts off a little earthy, but then the smoky sweetness from the bourbon comes through!
$19.99 a bottle.

The Prisoner Red Blend

This Napa Valley wine that was launched in 2003 has a cult-like following that is theprisonerwell deserved. This is a big red blending Zinfandel with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Charbono. Prisoner starts off with a nose full of cherry, coffee, and fig. Following this enticing bouquet of aromas the big fruit takes hold with pomegranate, strawberry, and raspberry. A spicy lingering finish completes this delicious red.
$39.99 a bottle.

Blindfold White Blendblindfold

Blindfold was created to be the perfect white wine companion to Prisoner’s Red Blend and is equally bold and intriguing. Blindfold starts with Chardonnay as its base. Then they blend in a variety of aromatic and full-bodied white grapes: Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Marsanne. It starts with aromas of honeysuckle, apricot, and pineapple that transition into melon, mandarin orange, and tangerine – all brought to life with bright acidity. The finish is creamy with a bit of lemon zest. The overall effect is a well-balanced sublimely complex experience.
$32.99 a bottle.

 The Levendi

levendiA big Chardonnay that delivers on all fronts. As soon as you pour the straw colored liquid into the glass you are greeted with aromas of tropical fruit. The acidity makes the pineapple, peach, and apple flavors pop on your taste buds; while the finish is rich and creamy.
$28.99 a bottle.

Adesso Cagnina Di Romagna adesso

From Italy comes Adesso-Cagnina di Romagna. If you come into Beverage SuperStore looking for this one just ask for the Adesso. Adesso is made from 100% Refosco grapes. This red wine is delightfully sweet, with cherry and black raspberry flavors. This is a great wine to accompany fruit dishes.
Only $12.99 a bottle.


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