Tips for Eating Healthy in 2013


BY: Sara Kleinfeld

You know you need to change how your body looks and feels, and more importantly, you know you need to improve your health so you don’t have health issues down the road. You have decided 2013 will be the year you will take control of your health and changing what you eat is perhaps one thing that’s in your Healthy Eating Suwanee Magazinecontrol. Here are a few healthy eating tips that can have a big impact in getting you eating healthier in 2013.

Eat vegetables at lunch and dinner
Adding a salad or a medley of steamed veggies to lunch or dinner is a quick, healthy, and easy way to have your vegetables. Veggies add nutritional value, while they fill you up and help with digestion. The more colorful your plate the healthier it is, rich in vitamins that are better absorbed from the foods you eat than from a pill.Healthy drinking Suwanee Magazine

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day
You should be drinking one oz. of water per pound of body weight. Drinking water helps in digestion, improves one’s metabolism and improves skin texture. By drinking an eight oz. glass of water first thing in the morning, you help your body’s digestion system get off to a great start

Snack when you’re hungry
Make sure to have healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables or nuts on hand to grab when you’re hungry.

Healthy snack Suwanee MagazineHave fruit everyday
Fruit helps balance blood sugar. Fruit contains natural sugars the body absorbs slowly. So with fruit, there’s no blood sugar spike. Healthy breakfast Suwanee MagazineAnd most fruits are packed with vitamin C that helps our immune system fight off germs and viruses, especially during flu season.

Eat a good breakfast, which has protein and is filling
One of the best breakfast foods you can have is oatmeal with fruit and nuts. A breakfast of egg whites with sautéed vegetables is also a healthy choice. Eating a good breakfast means you won’t grab the first thing you see when you’re starving, such as that tempting, sugar-filled donut that has no nutritional value.

Most importantly, plan your day
If you’re eating at your desk, make a healthy lunch. If you know you will be going out to eat, plan ahead. In a group, be the first to order so you will not be tempted to eat something someone else chooses. And when you make it home from a long day at the office, make sure there’s something you can easily grab to curb your hunger such as grapes, carrots or celery. A little planning ahead will make healthy eating a success.
Keep in mind it takes six months for a change to become a habit, so don’t expect your healthy eating habits to change in a month. With a little time and effort, you will be eating healthier for 2013.

Sara Kleinfeld Suwanee Magazine


Sara Kleinfeld has worked for seven years teaching clients how to plan, shop, and prepare healthy meals. She is a graduate of the Institute for Intergraded Nutrition, Suny University in New York. For more information, contact Sara at [email protected] or visit her website at



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