2024 Best Pizza Contest


A dozen area restaurants submitted their best pies for a chance at the coveted ‘Best Pizza’ award. Find out who won and learn more about all the delicious entries that should be on everyone’s radar.

Photos by Paul Perdue

This year, 12 local restaurants battled it out in Suwanee Magazine’s Best Pizza Competition, each bringing their unique flavors and styles to the table for our panel of judges. From wood-fired Neapolitan to New York to Detroit styles, and a traditional Margherita pizza to honey-drizzled crusts to a range of toppings like pickled jalapeños, bacon, mashed potatoes, and jerk chicken, one thing is for certain — we have some super creative and delicious pizza restaurants in our community.


Skye Estroff
Skye is known as the “Atlanta Food Expert” on TV and radio. She began her career in food by receiving her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Georgia. After college, she took root in Atlanta and began working for local food and media companies, Atlanta Eats then Taste of Atlanta, before founding Skye Estroff LLC, a food-focused social media company, and Foodie Roadtrip LLC, a food production company and regional TV show. More recently, she launched the podcast Skye’s the Limit, where she spotlights food trends, social media hot takes, traveling, and cool people with cool stories. Her goal has long been to connect people through food, and she is doing just that.

Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins is the Senior Director of Marketing and Destination Development at Explore Gwinnett, the official tourism and film office for Gwinnett County. Explore Gwinnett shares and markets Gwinnett County as a destination, highlighting all the county has to
offer and the fun things to see and do.

Ian McGee
Ian McGee serves as the General Manager of Marlow’s Tavern in Duluth. Prior to that, Ian ran and opened numerous restaurants in Buckhead, Midtown, and Atlanta. His unwavering commitment to hospitality and a passion for creating memorable dining experiences has made him an integral part of the Marlow’s Tavern family since October 2009.


Each pizza was judged in three categories:
• APPEARANCE: Crust, Cheese, Toppings
• TASTE: Crust, Sauce, Toppings
• OVERALL IMPRESSION: Creativity of Ingredients, Probability of Ordering Again


Bubba’s 33: Dickie V Pizza
2925 Buford Dr., Buford

Located in the Exchange at Gwinnett in Buford, Bubba’s 33 has hearty portions and a diverse menu making it the perfect treat for the whole family or an after-work gathering of friends. Their Dickie V Pizza was voted the Best Pizza by our team of judges! Featuring Italian sausage, cherry peppers, mozzarella and a provolone cheese blend topped with fresh basil and grated Parmesan on handstretched, stone-baked dough with a garlic-buttered crust. Bubba’s 33 donates one dollar from every 12″ Dickie V Pizza to the V Foundation for childhood cancer research.

“What a great pie!! The peppers and sausage paired perfectly. The crust was brushed with garlic oil and was great. I loved the sauce.”- Ian McGee

Peyton’s Pie Company: My Honey is Hotter Than Yours
5609 Main Street, Flowery Branch

My Honey Is Hotter Than Yours is a wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, red onions, calabrese peppers, and a drizzle of local honey. The pizza is finished with a cilantro and basil garnish for serving.

“Pizza looked amazing. So pretty! Loved the honey drizzle on the crust.” – Victoria Hawkins

“Visually, this pizza is a stunner!” – Skye Estroff

“Nice touch with the honey. Good edge crust.” – Ian McGee

“The blend of sweet and spicy is remarkable. Overall a nice blend of fresh and new, sweet and spicy.” – Kyle Wilson, People’s Choice Judge

Johnny’s Pizza: Dave’s Special Ranch Pizza
11030 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek

Dave’s Special Ranch pizza begins with a ranch base and is topped with green peppers, onions, bacon, tomato, and the slightest sprinkling of jalapeño.

“Combination of creamy sauce and savory bacon packed a perfect balance of complex flavor! 10/10! ” – Abigail Friedel, People’s Choice Judge


Ippolito’s: Margherita Pizza
330 Town Center Ave.,Suwanee Ippolitos.net

A fan favorite, hand tossed crust topped with Ippolito’s house pizza sauce, basil, fresh garlic, tomatoes, and mozzarella.

“Toppings were great!” – Victoria Hawkins
“This pizza bursts with flavor!” – Lauren Moore, People’s Choice
“The cheese was soft, and the tomatoes added a sweet and savory flavor.” – Sue Pelot, People’s Choice

Marco’s Pizza: Deluxe Pizza
425 Buford Hwy.,Suwanee Marcos.com

A savory, hand tossed crust topped with marinara, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, Marco’s original sauce, and signature three cheeses.

“Crust was pillowy and bubbly — just how I like it.” – Skye Estroff
“All around good supreme pizza.” – Clarke Glidewell, People’s Choice Judge

Your Pie Pizza: Hot Honey Pepperoni
3370 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd., Suwanee

The Hot Honey Pepperoni pizza starts with a savory marinara and is topped with mozzarella, feta, pepperoni, house pickled jalepeños, sweet Peppadew peppers, and finished with basil and hot honey after baking.

“Nice bounce to the crust. I thoroughly enjoyed the topping choices for this pizza.” – Skye Estroff
“Strong sense of Parm. Spicy and robust flavors on top of a beautiful Italian crust.” – Kyle Wilson, People’s Choice Judge

Cooley’s: Walker Texas Ranger
1120 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suwanee

This thin-crust pizza has a Buffalo sauce base and is topped with grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar, and mozzarella. Served with ranch dressing to dip.

“Loved the hint of spice. A great balance.” – Natalie Garrett, People’s Choice Judge

Riverside Pizza: Pappa Pan
991 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suwanee

The Pappa Pan is a delicious Detroit-style, deep-dish pizza. Light and airy with a distinctive crunch. Baked in heart healthy corn oil, the flavor is intensified with a creamy three-cheese blend of 100% real cheeses.

“A perfectly thick, yet airy crust. Makes for a decadent bite.” – Natalie Garrett, People’s Choice Judge
“A good thick-crust pizza.” – Ian McGee

Two Cities Pizza: The Cabbie3433 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd., Suwanee TwoCitiesPizza.com

This pizza offers a complex blend of mashed potato, bacon, red onion,scallions, mozzarella, chipotle aioli drizzle, and garlic crema drizzle.

“Bacon was nice and crispy and I liked the addition of fresh green onions.” – Skye Estroff

“A nice, new take!“ – Kyle Wilson, People’s Choice Judge
“Loved the incorporation of the two sauces drizzled on top.”- Victoria Hawkins

Mellow Mushroom: Maui Wowie
320 Town Center Ave., Suwanee

A different take on pizza with pesto, mozzarella, honey ham, pineapple, jerk chicken, banana peppers, and applewood-smoked bacon.

“What a wild ride of toppings!” – Skye Estroff
“Definitely different! A good choice for an adventurous palate.” – Natalie Garrett,

Shine Pizza: Sweet Heat
5019 W. Broad St. NE, Sugar Hill

A delicious sourdough crust topped with a San Marzano D.O.P. certified tomato sauce, mozzarella/provolone
blend, Italian sausage, pepperoni, caramelized red peppers, Búfala (imported Italian buffalo milk fresh mozzarella), Mike’s Hot Honey, fresh basil, and freshly grated pecorino cheese.

“I liked the fresh basil and peppers.” – Ian McGee
“Enjoyed the combination of the toppings and the sweetness of the sauce.” – Skye Estroff
“A subtle sweetness adds a different touch!” – Natalie Garrett, People’s Choice Judge

Fire & Grace Pizza Kitchen: Three Meat Pizza
StillFire Brewing, 34 US-23, Suwanee

Wood-fired pizza topped with a savory yet sweet marinara, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon with a slight honey drizzle.

“Liked the accent of honey on this pizza.” – Skye Estroff
“A meat lover’s dream!” – Kyle Wilson, People’s Choice Judge
“Simple pizza done very well.” – Brian Weiss, People’s Choice Judge


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