75 Reasons We Love Suwanee


Since it was established as a city in 1949, Suwanee has evolved from a railroad stop in an agricultural town to the vibrant city it is today. The dedication of citizens and leaders to make it a place with a high quality of life where families and businesses thrive is apparent in all the city has to offer. Suwanee has consistently won awards for top places to live in Georgia as well as the country. In honor of the city of Suwanee’s 75th anniversary this year, we asked the community, “Why Do You Love Suwanee?”

Residents, business owners, and visitors were eager to share what they love about Suwanee:

  1. “Suwanee is the place where I met my husband for the first time, and we moved here four years later. We met for a run on the greenway. We both love Suwanee for its dedication to green space and active parks. The leadership in Suwanee recognizes that a healthier community is vital to our success!” -Jessica Rantamaki
  2. “Town Center, Beer Fest, Schools!” -Pam Schutt
  3. “We have lived in Suwanee since 2011; we live just 1 mile from Sims Lake and 1 mile from the city center. We’ve lived in CA, WA, NJ, and PA; Suwanee is hands down the best place we’ve lived. I also now work in Suwanee; I love my 3-mile commute.” -Pete Saindon
  4. “Love that despite its growing size, it still manages to maintain its small-town feel. This is absolutely a great place to live and raise a family; there are a lot of things to do, places to eat, and people to see. Traffic can be challenging for sure, but not any different than any other growing city, so it’s just something to get accustomed to.” -Ben Shin
  5. “I love the many areas of entry to the Greenway throughout. Suwanee makes it easy and very accessible. It is mostly shaded and provides a cool, peaceful area to get some exercise!” -Doug Fischer
  6. “I love Suwanee because of its great businesses, beautiful neighborhoods, & my alma mater, North Gwinnett High School! Plus, I enjoy all the friendly folk I’ve come to know throughout my life!” -Valerie Fouchey
  7. “I love Suwanee because the people are so friendly, and the mayor is outstanding. Everywhere one looks in Suwanee, there is beauty and attention to detail. Also, there is tremendous support for the arts. It is no accident that Suwanee has been in the top ten places in the U.S. to raise a family. It’s just an outstanding place to live.” -Kathy de Cano
  8. “I love the family communities, schools, beautiful parks around us & all the family events held at the OTS.” -Shaheen Karaba
  9. “I love Suwanee because the city offers diversity. We have various ethnicities, numerous parks with walking trails, a variety of restaurants, and different types of homes that allow everyone to live, love, and enjoy here! Suwanee is one of the fastest-growing cities, and its real estate value has increased significantly. Most importantly, we have residents who adore the city and its lifestyle. Go Suwanee!” -Kelly Kim
  10. “I love Suwanee for all the community events. They are a great way to spend your weekends and also a great way to get outside during the summer. You can find a new restaurant you like when you visit food trucks, hear a great new tune when someone plays at the Suwanee town center amphitheater, support local businesses with the farmer’s markets, run for important causes in the 5k’s, or simply relax in the town center park. All the community events are a great way to connect with the businesses and people in the community.” -Alicia Zynga
  11. “The awesome staff that works for the City of Suwanee! We are a new bank located beside the Suwanee Town Center, and the city has been amazing to work with. They have really been helpful in accepting us to the Suwanee Community! They have also made this a great place to live, work, and enjoy. Keep up the great work! Darryl Workman at Central Bank.” -Darryl Workman
  12. “My favorite thing is that everywhere I go, I see friendly faces I know! Whether through my involvement at work, in the schools, scouting, church, or just friendships. It’s truly that sense of community that so many people search for, and we have it!” -Kimberly Towne
  13. “Suwanee seeks to do EVERYTHING with excellence! Suwanee cares about people and it shows with the opportunities that they always provide. Suwanee has set itself up as a city that you want to live, work, and play in! I love Suwanee and the way they care!” -Brandon Rushin
  14. “I have lived in Suwanee for 15 years. We moved to Georgia from Alabama. We were not sure where to look at houses, but lucked up and found the perfect home in Suwanee. The city of Suwanee was a nice surprise for us. The parks, the Town Square, the restaurants, the people, the social events, Suwanee has so much to offer! If you’re looking for a family-oriented town, Suwanee is a perfect fit.” -Carol Russell
  15. “Suwanee has been a great place to raise our family. They were 4 and 5 when we moved here and are now 21 and 23! Our neighborhood, Ruby Forest has been where we have made our home because the schools are great, the parks are wonderful, and my friends and neighbors through the years couldn’t be more loved and cherished.” -Catherine Bergwall
  16. “Its commitment to the arts.” -Melissa Kahren
  17. “I love that Suwanee is a place where my kids are safe being kids!” -Colette Grodzicki
  18. “Friendly people
    Terrific public parks and green space
    Small town feel in a big city
    Many opportunities to volunteer and be a part of a wonderful community
    Fun events
    Love the farmer’s market
    Adore the public art
    The best public works department
    A big shout out to Amy D. and Kim T. for their creativity and dedication to providing Suwanee with incredible events
    Oh, and we have an unbelievable mayor, Jimmy Burnette!” -Cathy Karlick
  19. “Jimmy: It’s my hometown! Caron: it’s my forever home.” -Jimmy & Caron Burnette
  20. “I love our trails, parks, and the ability to walk safely anywhere in our city because of our police department. I love the men & women that protect us all. I love that our mayor & city council are eager to meet with citizens to hear our concerns. We are thankful that God placed us here 40 years ago. We miss the old Suwanee but appreciate the new.” -Dee Ann Presnell
  21. “It is and has been a great place to raise a family, meet lifelong friends, benefit from great schools, and enjoy fun events, parks & restaurants! Yes, Suwanee has grown, but the heartbeat of good people still radiates!” -Mary Warren
  22. “As a family, we moved to Suwanee in 2000. We came for the awesome school system but quickly fell in love with the Suwanee vibe and culture. We love the forward-thinking leadership that brought us parks, public art, and a walkable community that engages our youngest citizens with opportunities like PlayTown Suwanee to our oldest with great restaurants, the trail system, and the library. It’s just a cool place to call home for all generations to enjoy together!!” -Randy Redner
  23. “Love the small town feel but the close proximity to Atlanta.” -Chris Hermansen
  24. “Suwanee is a unique bundle of landmarks and holds a special place in my heart. My wife & I had our first date in Town Center. From walking around in the park to eating and laughing at Tequila Mama and hanging out at StillFire after, Suwanee is an astounding place. Suwanee even continues to grow with new additions adding more and more memories I’m ever thankful for and the team of people who helped bring it all together.” – Kyle Wilson
  25. “Suwanee is a beautiful city with a small-town feel. It resembles a charming mix of tradition and modernity to me, and I am so grateful to be a part of it! There is so much to do! So many beautiful parks to take a walk on the trails or ride a bike. Every weekend, there is something else going on at Town Center – great concerts and festivals, and not to forget the local Farmers market!
    The public art on display all around the city makes Suwanee more colorful and alive! Love the small boutique shops and the diversity of the food and restaurants all over Suwanee. The city is doing an outstanding job in creating a vibrant community spirit!” -Annette Phelps
  26. “I love Suwanee because of the people, first and foremost. The large city features, coupled with small-town charm, provide a sustainable attraction and connection to the place. In all facets, it is obvious that “community” serves as a driving purpose for our growth and development.” -John Green
  27. “I love the energy around the park; it’s really nice to be in this happy environment.” -Sarah
  28. “I love the food and the drinks we have in Suwanee.” -Kaitlyn
  29. “One thing I love about Suwanee is when I was little, I would come to the fountains with my sister and just have fun. -Rosalie Ritz
  30. “I love that Suwanee is so involved with the community and hosts so many events on the green space and in the city.” – Brooke Libby
  31. “Something I love about Suwanee is growing up here, there is always something safe to do, something fun outside. I love all the trails, especially being a runner; I like to go out on the Greenway and just hang out with my friends and go on walks, things like that.” -Ellie
  32. “I love Suwanee because it has such a sense of family and community. There are always people at the parks, always people walking around having picnics, and there’s just so much life in our little area.” -Ava Belflower
  33. “I love how Suwanee feels like a close-knit family. With all the community events, it is so easy to meet new friends while spending quality time with old ones!” -Betty Yohannes
  34. “Suwanee has something for everyone, parks, trails, activities for all ages. Also, the Suwanee City government and staff are responsive to citizens’ needs and concerns. Suwanee is a fun and happy place, perfect for families and singles.” -Robin Sullivan
  35. “I love the city of Suwanee for its community vibe. I participate in many events in the city and there are always people who know each other and really rally behind what the city is doing and stands for. When you talk to those who live in Suwanee, there is a sense of pride they have saying they live here, and it is pretty incredible in this day and age to have that type of community.” -April Miller
  36. “What I love the most about Suwanee is the sense of close community with the charm of a small town, even with all of the growth happening. I love that I can take the sidewalk in my front yard and walk to Town Center, Old Town and all of the trails. I am very proud of our city and the people who run it, because they do an awesome job, and their door is always open to the residents who live here. I love our diversity and our sense of belonging. I cannot imagine living anywhere else!” -Julie Perdue
  37. “Suwanee is a great place to Live, Work and Play! It is an amazing community to raise a family.” -Drew Garland
  38. “The community- the fact that when we moved here 25 years ago, we did not know anyone. In that time, our kids have grown up and we have made friendships that have become family.” -Sheila Crumrine
  39. “Suwanee is exceptional, from its beautiful people and places to its exciting events, beautiful parks and art. Suwanee is a hometown to all.” -Annie Valenty
  40. “Aside from the unparallelled events and activities offered, there is an incredible list of parks to explore. Whether you are looking to exercise or connect with nature, Suwanee has taken pride in its preservation and development.” -Heather Paulin
  41. “I love Suwanee because of the people and shared sense of being. There are so many people with different backgrounds that have come together to build a beautiful community.” -Kelsey Tinker
  42. “What I love about Suwanee is that the city offers so much to do and feels like one big family.” -Cathy Cason
  43. “Suwanee is growing but still has a small-town feel. There are great parks and walking trails on the greenway, as well as wonderful activities planned throughout the year.” -Catherine Usher
  44. “Suwanee never gets old. The city is always looking for ways to provide more opportunities- new parks, improved roadways that meet the needs of the growing population, new ways of experiencing art, and new events at Town Center. There’s always something to enjoy.” -Lori Tschan
  45. “I love the parks and the schools.” -Jennifer Gallo
  46. “I love the vibe – from STC to StillFire to Unwine’d to Playtown, there is always an exciting option for any age. Beyond that, there is a sense of community that you don’t find anywhere else – the schools are beyond compare, because of the teachers and the community support, which is unmatched. You see people truly want to help each other, improving the community for everyone!” -Lindsay Davis
  47. “Suwanee is a wonderful place to raise a family. We have the best parks, walking trails, activities at Town Center, and award-winning schools. Proud to call Suwanee home for the past 20 years.” -Anna Batten
  48. “I love the community feel. I have lived in Suwanee for 18 years and know many of the friendly faces. I love the many events and activities available all year long and my family loves the many gathering spaces available in Suwanee.” -Julie Keres
  49. “I love Suwanee for all the wonderful events that are held throughout the year. And the great walking trails. Fun for everyone!” -Betsy Whiting
  50. “The best word I can think of to describe Suwanee is ‘thriving’. Our community is so unique in that it feels like a small town with so many ways to be connected to each other and our surroundings but also a suburban mecca that perfectly complements the big city of Atlanta. You can find quiet, or you can find excitement on any given weekend. Your children will get a great education and also learn about civic involvement and volunteerism. There is growth, and there are so many odes to our humble beginnings. I only wish the railway workers from the 1800s could see us now!” -Janeen Rumanes-Snow
  51. “Suwanee has fabulous schools, parks, and community events. A great place to watch your family grow!  I have wonderful memories of my children growing up in Suwanee! Participating in things like the Suwanee Day Parade, playing at the Front Porch Jam, and performing at Suwanee Town Center.” -Jessica Sanders
  52. “Suwanee is community! Suwanee is filled with heart and soul, offering residents and visitors alike a destination to call home!” -Cindy Skibitsky
  53. “It feels like a village!! Love the community involvement and the spirit of its residents!” -Carly Finn
  54. “I love the sense of community and the people…Suwanee truly is a great place to live, work and play!” -Mitch Teat
  55. “As both an educator and parent within the community, I love Suwanee for the opportunities afforded kids of all ages in areas such as the arts, athletics, and, most importantly, leadership!” -Karen Campbell
  56. “There’s a certain creative energy here that’s contagious.” -Cheri Heringer
  57. “It’s a toss-up between the green spaces to exercise in and the wonderful events to attend. There are definitely great options to both work hard and play hard!” -Heather Sinyard
  58. “Suwanee has it all; I love the comfort and feel of a small town with all the culture and amenities of the best cities; we are the BEST city! I love Suwanee!!” -Rita Arsenault
  59. “I love the community support and friendships that I have in the city!” -Wayne Baxter
  60. “Moving to Suwanee 8 years ago was the best decision we made for our family. We have been fortunate to be a part of a safe community with a great education system.” -Johnsons
  61. “The parks and greenway are my favorite part of living in Suwanee. I also love the art sprinkled throughout the city like the goat sculptures near Town Center and the unique 9/11 Memorial. My family helped build the new PlayTown Suwanee and enjoy the feeling of community.” -Cassie Cobb
  62. “I love that Suwanee feels like a small town even though it isn’t a small town. I love that we have all the amazing conveniences of parks, restaurants, shopping, and great schools. But, at the same time, it’s rare to go to a business in Suwanee or to any of the many events here in Suwanee without running into a familiar face or two. That is so special to me!” -Sandy Izaguirre
  63. “Suwanee has a vibe all its own- the parks, trails, art, shopping, restaurants, music and more. We couldn’t ask for a better home in Georgia.” -Jason Wegmet
  64. “I love the sense of community no matter where you are; from restaurants to grocery stores to walking the trails, you will always find a familiar face!” -Savannah Gora
  65. “What I love about Suwanee is that it has a small-town feel with offerings of a big city, including live concerts, amazing restaurants, and specialty boutiques. I never need to leave home!” -Pattie Foster
  66. “I love the variety of things to do! Concerts, festivals, 5ks, etc., not to mention the greenway, restaurants, breweries and more!” -Shana Keyes
  67. “I love the sense of community. People seem to take pride in being here and supporting each other.” -Karl Furem
  68. “Suwanee is the type of city where chance encounters turn into life-changing memories all the time. For instance, my son Dominik had the fortune of performing at Suwanee Fest by way of a chance conversation with a committee member. This spawned a memorable moment for both him and our entire family as we all felt the welcoming embrace of the greater Suwanee community.” -Alan Dandar
  69. “I’m truly fortunate to call Suwanee both my home and the place where I get to run a small business. It’s a rare privilege to be part of such a welcoming community while also contributing to its success. Suwanee is a fantastic place to raise a family, and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of it.” -Johnathon Nolen
  70. “The whole community works to maintain the small-town feel.” -Andy Belflower
  71. “We love Suwanee because it is centered around families. When I talk to friends in surrounding cities, they are always impressed by the amount of activities Suwanee offers. We’ve gotten fresh veggies from the Farmers Market, had fun building Playtown Suwanee, used the city’s artwork for prom backdrops, gone on fancy date nights at the local restaurants, and had a blast with friends at Wine Fest. What more can you ask for?” -Tiffany Hale-Carter
  72. “The thing I love most about Suwanee are the schools.” -Jennifer Loudermilk
  73. “The thing I love most about living in SUWANEE is being able to raise my children in such a close-knit community that feels like family.” -Mary Emily Carter
  74. “Suwanee has a small town feel but close to big city things to do. You can always find something going on! If you don’t run into at least one person you know at the grocery store, you’re not looking very hard! It’s a great community with amazing schools and lots of activity. Suwanee is the place our boys have grown up in and it will always be home.” -Tracy Dhinsa
  75. “Suwanee isn’t just a place to live; it’s a home. A home that confidently raises children with a quality education, a home that provides spaces for memories to be had, and a place that provides culture, sports, and parks for youth to thrive.” -Melissa Dienhart


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