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The mascot of Sugar Hill Animal Hospital answers questions about your pet’s health.

Q: My family (including Caspian, our Siamese) and I are new to the Buford area. How can we find a “good” vet? — Brooklyn J. (Buford)

A: In addition to Google ratings and friend, family, and neighbor’s recommendations, look for certification by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Only 14% of all animal hospitals are certified for excellence by AAHA. Also tour the prospective clinic to experience the friendliness of the staff, cleanliness of the facility, and ability to provide full service including emergency care, surgery, and boarding. Remember, not all veterinary clinics are the same and the closest might not be the best for you or your pet.

Q: While I am at work, is it ok to leave my dog in my backyard during the summer? –Sharon S. (Suwanee)

A: At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital, we treat numerous dogs for overheating every summer. Remember, if it is too hot for you to run around in the hot yard in a fur coat, it may be too hot for your pet. Providing shade, fresh water, and supervision is essential to avoid heat stroke that could prove fatal. If your dog appears overheated, cool with a water hose, apply rubbing alcohol to the foot pads, and rush to a veterinary facility immediately.

Q: What is the best flea preventative for my lake-loving Labrador Retriever “Abner?” — Malcolm A. (Sugar Hill)

A: Flea and tick control is now safer and easier than ever before with isoxaline medications-including Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica and Credelio. Our veterinarians prefer Bravecto (topical or oral) which lasts a full three months. In my experience, some of the older topicals are not as effective or long lasting as they once were. As with all medications, consult your veterinarian regarding which flea/tick treatment is best for Abner.

Q: “Noodle” our labradoodle will need to be boarded this summer. How do we know he’ll be safe? — Mary P. (Suwanee)

A: Always tour the boarding facility prior to dropping Noodle off. A good rule of thumb is if they won’t let you see the kennels, don’t leave your pet there! At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital Pet Resort, we have webcams, private themed suites with TV’s and raised beds, and even a saltwater swimming pool! In addition, he can be in Doggy Daycare during the day to get exercise, socialization, and reduce stress while boarding. Hopefully, Noodle can enjoy a great vacation too!


Fanny’s helper this month is West Hamryka, DVM from Sugar Hill Animal Hospital. Dr. Hamryka is past president of the Georgia and Gwinnett Veterinary Medical Associations and is a guest lecturer at various veterinary colleges.

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