Brewery Spotlight: Mutation Brewing Company


THE NEW MUTANTS. From homebrewing to community hub: Exploring the evolution of Sandy Springs’ Mutation Brewing Company

By Lizzy James / Photos courtesy Mutation Brewing Company

Nestled in the heart of Sandy Springs, Mutation Brewing Company stands as a testament to the power of passion, community, and evolution. What began as a beloved hobby for co-owners Chris Shapiro, Jack Poole, Michael Shapiro, and a group of close-knit friends has blossomed into a thriving taproom that celebrates change and embraces diversity. With a commitment to crafting exceptional brews and creating a welcoming space for all, Mutation Brewing Company has become a beloved hub for locals and beer enthusiasts alike.


We recently had a chance to catch up with co-owner Leslie Shapiro to discuss Mutation’s roots, unique approach to brewing, and the vibrant community they’re fostering in Sandy Springs and beyond.

How did you get involved in the craft beer industry?

Leslie Shapiro: My husband Chris and I had been homebrewing for many years. We’d spend hours tinkering with recipes, trying to recreate our favorite brews, and even coming up with some wild concoctions of our own. We kept track of everything in a journal with a cover that had the words “Dream Big” on it — it was kind of our motto. And let me tell you, Brew Depot in Alpharetta was practically our second home! We’d swing by there so often, soaking up knowledge from Bob and stocking up on all the brewing goodies we could get our hands on. It wasn’t long before we roped in our friends and family, especially our partners-in-crime, Jack Poole and Michael Shapiro. Before we knew it, Jack’s place turned into our unofficial brew house, where we’d whip up batch after batch of our homemade concoctions. What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-blown obsession! But the real game-changer came when life threw us a curveball. That life event was the catalyst that led us to chase our dreams and start a business that not only brewed killer beer but also gave back to our community.

Explain the story behind the name Mutation Brewing Company.

Leslie Shapiro: We wanted something that really captured the essence of what we were all about, and all we kept coming back to was what a change this would be in all of our lives. We all come from different walks of life, with our own unique backgrounds and experiences, but we’re united by this shared vision of embracing change and moving forward (or “mutating”) together. After tossing around a bunch of ideas, we kept circling back to that concept of “mutation.” Life is this constant whirlwind of changes and transitions, and we wanted a name that reflected that. So, Mutation it was!

What has the community support been like in Sandy Springs? Why did you choose that area?

Leslie Shapiro: We chose Sandy Springs because it felt like a perfect meeting spot for people from all over — whether you’re OTP or ITP, everyone can come together right here. The community itself has been wonderful, and they welcomed us with open arms. They’ve been our biggest cheerleaders, spreading the word about our brewery far and wide and supporting us every step of the way. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for their unwavering support.

In your opinion, what makes you unique from other Georgia Breweries?

Leslie Shapiro: We wanted to create a space where folks could come in, let loose, and forget about the stresses of everyday life. We provide a wide variety of beer styles and a modern space that is versatile for any private or public event.

Tell us a little bit about your brewing team.

Leslie Shapiro: I might be biased, but we truly have the best team. Our recipe mastermind, Dan Caudle, has consistently brought the Mutation name to life by crafting recipes that span from clean and crisp to flavorful and innovative. Additionally, our taproom staff ensures a warm welcome and a fun atmosphere for all patrons.

What is your biggest/ best seller in the taproom?

Leslie Shapiro: This is a tough one. There are a couple that come to mind. One being our flagship New England IPA, Liquid Hop Magma. Another one is our collaboration with 99X, the radio station. It’s a West Coast Pilsner we named 99Xperiment. The last would be our wide range of seltzers.

If you had to recommend a seasonal beer for people coming to your taproom in May/June, what would it be?

Leslie Shapiro: We will have a Maibock for our dark-lager-style people along with a classic Mexican Lager right in time for Cinco De Mayo and summer, because who doesn’t love an easy refreshing beer in the Georgia heat?

Tell us about some of the events you host at the brewery.

Leslie Shapiro: We host events or specials daily, with our staple events including Team Trivia on Wednesdays, Team Feud on Thursdays, Water Pong Tournaments on Fridays, and Beer Yoga on Sundays.

Where else can people find your beer other than at the taproom?

Leslie Shapiro: You can find our beers at any of your local watering holes — while supplies last. We have also enjoyed making collaborative beers with local breweries and companies, and have a couple in the works that we cannot wait to share! Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out.

Mutation Brewing Co. is located at 5825 Roswell Rd NE in Sandy Springs. For a complete beer list and to stay up to date on everything Mutation, visit or follow them on social media.  Facebook @mutationbrew; Instagram @mutationbrewery.


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