Modern Day Healing: The Next Evolution in Natural Wellness


Healthcare is changing, and has been for quite some time. Modern day healing and natural self-care is becoming more about a multitude of preventative, wellness services and less about reactionary services. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me and like the many patients we serve, you’ve noticed it can be difficult to meet all of your wellness needs under one roof.

By Dr. Lauren Millman

When I opened Suwanee Spine nine years ago, I operated a mainly chiropractic-only practice. Although we have seen an incredible amount of people heal over that time, I’ve always felt the need to integrate with other like-minded practitioners and offer more wellness options. Healing isn’t always a one size fits all approach, and different combinations of services work differently for different people.

I often witnessed patients juggling between two or more wellness services, whether due to the time needed to travel to various locations, or the cost involved in multiple services. This was a barrier that needed answering. Our wellness routine should be less of a juggling act. Not to mention, when patients experience a full wellness center experience, results are often received faster and longer-lasting. This has always been the idea behind true, well-rounded healing: treating the mind, body, and spirit.

As we have evolved in the changing health climate, Suwanee Spine and Healing Center is proud to announce we found just that. We are now offering membership options in an effort to allow people to take advantage of our integrated healing resources. We gathered the most talented practitioners under one roof, and found a way to make all these talented practitioners more accessible.

A Holistic Healthcare Team Under One Roof
Although Suwanee Spine is the only practice nationwide that offers our unique combined chiropractic approach, we didn’t stop there. We understand the importance of functional nutrition and quality supplementation, as well as stretching and movement. We understand where energy healing and homeopathy play into this.

An integrative membership model practice isn’t a new concept, however, you typically find these types of practices in urban cities, or just outside of them. Many holistic and naturally-minded patients who live further in the suburbs have one major complaint: these types of all-inclusive wellness centers are more scarce the further you travel. More times than not, you have to visit one location for your chiropractor, then another one for your acupuncture, and then another for your nutrition. It’s a full-time job keeping up with your holistic healthcare team, not to mention, those multiple practitioners don’t collaborate amongst each other about your health and wellness journey. Many times, they may not even know each other. A bunch of little wellness islands is how I view it.

There are many benefits in bringing many cohesive services and practitioners under one roof. For starters, there’s benefit to a team of wellness practitioners working together for the betterment of one patient. Two heads are better than one, four are better than two, and so forth. Secondly, it has been widely observed in my practice that the patients who participate in multiple wellness services are likely to respond better and heal faster than compared to those who only use a single service. This is “synergistic healthcare,” in other words, when the collective services work as a whole. Across the board, the more well-rounded the wellness routine, the better the results. Everyone wins.

Dr. Lauren Millman
Dr. Millman is the founder and upper cervical chiropractor of Suwanee Spine and Healing Center, author of The Ultimate Healing Handbook, and recently voted Best of Gwinnett 2019 and 2020. For more information, visit



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