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It is a big responsibility to be in charge of another being’s health and fitness. Most of us find it difficult to maintain our own mental and physical well-being, much less that of our pets! 


As with any undertaking, in the beginning you are faced with an overwhelming wealth of information, some of it seemingly contradictory. How do you make sense of it all and separate the hype from actual science? How do you make a plan that is right for your pet, and not the pet on the food commercial? How will you know if what you’re doing is working?

The good news is that once you decide to get started, you have a valuable resource close at hand. Getting headed on the right path is as easy as visiting your veterinarian to establish a wellness plan. We are here to not only provide care during times of illness, but also to help you make smart decisions about the daily life of your pet. Your veterinarian brings you the benefit of real-life experience. Each family we see gives us feedback about what does and does not work for them, so that we can in turn give you honest guidance about what is most likely to help you succeed on your own journey.

A typical wellness visit will start with you giving us an idea of you and your pet’s regular routines. Next describe their current diet: what they eat and how much of it, and don’t forget to include any treats or “people” food they receive. Lastly we will ask you to share any concerns you have about their health, including their behavioral health, and any changes you have noticed lately. By combining their own observations with the invaluable information you have provided, they will be able to make recommendations that are tailored to you and your pet’s needs. Your vet will help you determine their ideal body weight, establish a healthy diet choice and feeding plan, and craft a fitness plan that fits the health needs of your pet, while also keeping your family’s schedule and preferences in mind.

Taking this step will leave you feeling equipped with useful information, achievable goals, and a sense of purpose that will set you and your pet up for success. And don’t forget to tell your veterinarian about all those accomplishments at your next wellness visit; we love a good success story!

Tabitha Tanis, MS, DVM Cat Clinic Veterinarian

Tabitha Tanis, MS, DVM Cat Clinic Veterinarian

As a child, Dr. Tabi was known to attract kittens from far and wide, in spite of her severe allergies to animals. With the help of allergy shots, Tabi was able to overcome her allergies which enabled her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, rather than human medicine – her back-up plan. Although she has always had a special affection for cats, she also enjoys working with dogs, as well as several small mammals and exotics. Dr. Tabi also spent two years studying viruses affecting chickens while earning her Master’s degree at the University of Georgia, before completing her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine there in 2009.


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