Play it Forward: PlayTown Suwanee 2.0


The City of Suwanee is calling on volunteers to help build the new version of the beloved PlayTown Suwanee this October.

By Alicia Carter

The long-awaited final design of the new PlayTown Suwanee has been unveiled and the creative imagination of the children of Suwanee is reflected in every corner of the playground. The design combines engaging play spaces with safety features, and also includes more accessibility features so that everyone can enjoy the playground. Key design elements include miniature replicas of Town Center and City Hall, conceived from the ideas of some of the children consulted during the planning phase who were curious about the mysteries of the clock tower. Another fun feature dreamed up by the kiddos is a pretend restaurant drive-through, which has been integrated into the ‘tot lot’ play area. More standout features include:

Areas for Big Kids and “Tots”
The playground is divided into a big kid and tot lot area, which is the same as the original PlayTown. This feature was something that parents and kids alike really seem to appreciate. Other features of the original PlayTown that were duplicated are the single-access point and fenced-in lot so that parents can rest assured that their little ones are playing safely without an escape route. The beloved sandbox was also reimagined and included in the new tot lot.

Collaborative Play
Collaborative play or “side by side” play was very important to the kids, so the new PlayTown features two specialty swings: one is a “Team Swing,” a flat disc that is an upgrade from a traditional tire swing and allows several kids to swing together, and a “multigenerational swing” on the tot lot, which is a double-facing swing where an adult or older child can swing with a toddler. Another example includes the Inclusive Orbit, a modified carousel design that can accommodate adults, kids, and wheelchairs simultaneously.

New Surfacing for Added Accessibility
Upgraded surfacing will feature poured-in-place ground cover in a large portion of the playground, especially at the entrance to the main playground, around the Orbit, and up to the access ramps for the big kids play area. Portions of new sidewalk will be poured to increase access and provide a flat surface from the restroom to the playground entrance. This will be great for all of our friends who use wheels — strollers, wagons, and wheelchairs!

PlayTown Suwanee 2.0’s final design courtesy the City of Suwanee

How You Can Help

Purchase a Picket: As the next phase unfolds, the opportunity to make a lasting mark on PlayTown Suwanee beckons. One option is to purchase a picket dedicated to loved ones, milestones, or the City itself, and contribute to the ongoing legacy of this treasured space. Act swiftly, as the picket purchasing window closes on Monday, September 18th.

Volunteer for the Build in October: The most important opportunity is for those ready to roll up their sleeves and embrace the spirit of community by volunteering to help build the playground this October 9-15. The City says they need 1,500 for the build, so whether you possess building expertise or simply a love for playgrounds, it’s a wonderful opportunity to give something tangible back to your community!

For more information about PlayTown Suwanee 2.0, or to order a picket or sign up to volunteer, visit


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