Snap Suwanee Photo Contest Winners Announced


Sponsored by Suwanee’s Public Arts Commission, the annual Snap Suwanee community photo competition provides an opportunity for participants to share images that illustrate the Suwanee community in a unique and beautiful way. The winning photographs will be on display at City Hall through February 2023. The Judges’ Choice Winner is “Jubilation” by Kate Durden. Additional winners include: “Catching Up Over Coffee” by Keith Costley; “Fountain Fun Dip” by Traci Dickson; “Fountain Surprise” by Mary King; “Frosty Caboose” by Marni Smith, “Harmony at Amphitheatre” by Keith Costley; “Live Colorfully” by Marni Smith; “Snowy Sunset” by Amy Doherty; “Stillness I” by Koyya Russell; and “Sunrise in Sunset” by Amy Doherty.


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