Your Pie Suwanee


Craft Pizza! Your Pie Suwanee offers customers the opportunity to build their own custom pizza…

BY Aoife Healy

Think back to the good ol’ days in a small town where the place to be was always the local pizzeria – think Mystic Pizza- circa 1988. Kids would hang out after school, families would head over on Friday nights, and everyone in the joint knew your name. Your Pie, Suwanee’s newest family-run pizzeria, is trying to reinvent those days in a big way!

Owners of Your Pie Suwanee: Melanie and Todd Walter

Melanie and Todd Walter are the owners/operators of Your Pie Suwanee (YPS). “We want to provide a fun atmosphere,” explained Melanie, “We want it to feel like a bunch of friends standing around in a kitchen, cooking and enjoying great food!” The modern yet rustic decor lends to that relaxed feel. It’s a place where you would feel comfortable bringing a date, your mom for lunch, or a whole crowd of your closest friends! This versatility makes it a great place for any occasion.

When you walk into YPS, it’s all about you! No compromising, No sacrificing! You get exactly what you want, the exact way that you want it. Every part of your pizza is customized to your exact tastes. “That’s why personal sized pizzas are so great,” exclaimed Todd, “You never have to do without spicy jalapenos or the three helpings of meat that your dining partner may not be the biggest fan of.” Your Pie is the original brick oven down-the-line-concept pizzeria.

Now let’s talk about that dough! The founder of Your Pie actually sat down with a brick oven manufacturer to test and try different variations of dough to come up with the perfect base for his pizzas. The finished product is Your Pie’s secret signature recipe! “It has the perfect amount of crunch and crisp with none of that soggy chewiness,” said Melanie, “It’s truly different from any other pizza on the market!”

Maybe pizza isn’t your thing- Don’t worry, YPS has your back! YPS offers a variety of salads and paninis that can be customized to the same standard as their pies. “My personal favorite is the BBQ Chicken salad,” shared Melanie, “It has the perfect balance of cilantro, red onions, chicken, and mozzarella- I’m addicted!”Your_Pie_875_04112015

Every few months, Your Pie holds a “Craft-Your-Own Month” where customers submit their own ideas for a new signature dish to be placed on the menu. The winning recipe is placed on the Your Pie menu nationwide for a limited time. “We love getting customer input in all areas of our business,” said Todd “If our customers have great ideas, we want to hear them!”

“Since opening our doors this last November we feel we have had the opportunity to become so much more involved within the community,” said Melanie, “We have formed relationships with nearby business owners and have had the chance to give back to the local schools!” Your Pie Suwanee regulars can tell you that YPS is truly a family run business that values the full customer experience. This is evident in not only the quality of the food they provide but in the friendly and caring way in which they serve it!


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