2012 Financial Fitness


By: Bill and Cindi Porter, Aileron Investment Advisors

Now that the new year is here, many of us will commit to a physical fitness program as a New Year’s resolution. If we stay committed for the entire year, we will be healthier and as a result, happier.

There is a definite connection between good health and our peace of mind. And so it is with our financial fitness.

When we are investing on a regular basis, monitoring our portfolio and continually making any necessary adjustments, we typically experience a sense of tranquility, accomplishment, and confidence. It feels good. When we finish a long walk, jog, bike ride, swim or workout at the gym, we sense that we are pleased with ourselves.  Conversely, if many days go by and we are always finding an excuse not to exercise, it will negatively affect our outlook on life – whether we want it to or not.

Similarly, if we spend all of our income, fail to save and invest or lose money in our existing investments because we were too busy to pay attention to changing economic conditions, we will experience an unpleasant feeling that will creep into our attitudes, relationships and our general state of mind. Health and money both affect people in very similar ways. If our bodies are fit and our portfolios are secure and growing, we normally experience our day with an upbeat outlook. As a result, other parts of our lives are affected in a positive way.

So as 2012 begins, a discussion with a knowledgeable friend or a physical trainer may help prepare you for a transformational health experience next year. Similarly, a visit with a competent investment advisor may help you get ready to take your investing experience to a new level.  We wish you a happy and joyful holiday season.

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