Best Dads in Suwanee 2024 Contest Winners


For this year’s Best Dad in Suwanee Contest, we received many heartwarming essays celebrating the remarkable men in our community. Sons and daughters, wives, and friends submitted stories highlighting the unwavering dedication, love, and selfless acts of these fathers. Selecting a winner from such an amazing selection of exceptional dads was an incredibly challenging task, to say the least.

Thanks to our friends at American Casual Living, as well as the generosity of local Suwanee businesses, we were able to spoil our Best Dad in Suwanee winner, Delorean Ostrom. We are honored to feature the top three essays in this issue. As the winner, Delorean received a half-day guided fishing trip on Lake Lanier provided by North Georgia Charters, and a gift card to local restaurant Bare Bones Steakhouse. The 2nd and 3rd place submissions also received prizes from StillFire Brewing, Seaside Oyster Bar and Salon Greco.


Delorean was nominated Best Dad by two members of our community:

i would like to nominate Delorean for being an amazing father for his precious Luna & Lily. He recently lost his wife Mandy due to cancer. They fought so hard and he was an amazing husband and father during the most difficult times. Delorean is the most unselfish person I know. He is definitely wearing a superhero cape raising his 2 amazing daughters as a single dad, working, and keeping the girls in extra activities such as soccer to keep them smiling. He is definitely a role model. Delorean is a Suwanee resident and running his restaurant business, Southern Grace. – Submitted by Lorena Salinas

At 37, Delorean is the dad and soccer-softball coach of Luna, 5, and Lily, 3. While their mom, Mandy, was going through chemotherapy, Delorean ran a marathon every month for a year, in cities around the country, to support her and the Cholangiocarcinoma foundation. As a chef, he produced cooking videos to support her and to bring attention to this rare cancer. Since Mandy passed away on January 8th, 2024, he has been both parents to his little girls, and has taken extra work to support them. Last year he coached both girls’ Suwanee teams and last week he began again. So much love. So much sorrow. But he puts his babies first. He is the best daddy I know. – Submitted by Darlene Callan

Second Place: DAVID LOTT

David is the dad who does everything! He starts the mornings making sure our high schooler makes it to the bus stop on time at 5:55 a.m. Then he brings Mom coffee in bed and helps get the little ones breakfast while making their lunches for preschool and kindergarten. He makes sure our kindergartener takes her lifesaving chemotherapy pills each morning and then heads off to work in the home office. While he’s working his full-time job, he manages to wrangle the preschooler between meetings and work so that Mom can take the kindergartener to the hospital for her leukemia treatments. Sometimes he even takes over the hospital visits so that Mom can have a break. He’s the go-getter that is always willing to run back out to the car in the rain when someone forgets something or stepping in to make dinner when Mom is too wrapped up in a project to think about food. He’s the dad who drives our high schooler to her tennis lessons and makes sure she understands her chemistry and math homework when she is confused about what was taught in class. He’s our family handyman ready to fix any household mishaps in the midst of leveling the ground and building a playhouse in the backyard for the little ones. I don’t think there’s anything my kid’s dad isn’t willing to do for our family, and he always does it with a smile! – Submitted by Christy Lott


QUBI CAMPBELL epitomizes the essence of an exceptional father in Suwanee, embodying dedication, service, and leadership in every facet of his life. As a lieutenant within the City of Atlanta Fire Department, he personifies bravery and selflessness, commuting 31 miles daily to serve the community where he was born and raised. His commitment to safeguarding lives extends beyond his professional duties, as he coaches a 10-year-old flag football team, mentors youth, and educates future emergency medical personnel as an adjunct professor at Gwinnett Technical College.

Qubi’s role as a father transcends mere familial obligations; it is a cornerstone of his identity. Despite the demands of his career and community involvement, he prioritizes his role as a parent and husband above all else. His family consists of three children, all boys, each demonstrating remarkable achievements under his guidance. With one child (23) already a college graduate and music producer, another (18) college-bound and poised to graduate high school soon, and a 10-year-old excelling academically and athletically, Qubi’s influence is palpable.

What sets Qubi apart as the epitome of Suwanee’s best dad is his unwavering commitment to leading by example. He doesn’t just preach values of dedication, perseverance, and compassion, he lives them daily, inspiring not only his children but also those around him. Through his multifaceted roles as a firefighter, educator, mentor, coach, and most importantly, father and husband, Qubi leaves an indelible mark on his community.

In recognizing Qubi as Suwanee’s best dad, we would honor not only his individual achievements but also the profound impact he has on shaping the next generation. His legacy extends far beyond his professional accolades; it lies in the hearts and minds of those he touches with his selflessness, guidance, and love. Qubi embodies the essence of fatherhood, serving as a beacon of inspiration and an exemplary role model for all. – Submitted by Rukiya Campbell

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