2024 Cutest Pup Contest Winners!


This year’s Cutest Pup in Suwanee Contest had over 90 entries and more than 2,500 votes cast, so to say people love their dogs would be a huge understatement! All the pups who entered the contest are adorable and received so many votes, but in the end our readers crowned Belle, a sweet 15-year-old bundle of love as the 2024 winner! And we must say that we are so happy to see a senior dog win this year!

First Place: Belle

“We are so thrilled that Belle won the Cutest Pup in Suwanee. Thank you to everyone who voted for our sweet toothless girl! Belle first joined our family in September 2008 after being abandoned in a box on the side of a road with her four sisters — the Disney Princesses. We are forever grateful to her rescuers and are so blessed to have had her in our family for 15 and a half wonderful years. She is our sweet gummy girl who loves everyone, and we can’t imagine life without her!”
— Sandy Izaguirre

Second Place: Lucy

Lucy is a 12-and-a-half-year-old rescue dog. She was pulled from the Henry County shelter by You Lucky Dog Rescue less than 24 hours before she was to be put down. She was pregnant from her first heat. She was terrified and none of her puppies survived. We adopted her six weeks after her rescue, and she has been a cherished family member ever since. She developed an auto immune condition when she was six and requires multiple daily medications, but she is a true Cinderella story and is loved unconditionally.
— Submitted by Kristen Shappert

Third Place: Chevy

Chevy has tons of personality! She loves to play, but when it’s time to sleep, she likes to burrow under the covers and is known to grunt as she drifts off.She has vivid dreams — it looks like she’s running, and she kicks all four legs. She must have the best dreams!
— Submitted by Chris Hermansen


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