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Q: My cat is urinating outside of his litter box. What should I do?

A: Inappropriate urination is the #1 cause for cats being turned into shelters. Realize that there are several causes for this behavior. First, your cat needs to be spayed/neutered or “spraying” is expected to mark their territory. Next, bring your cat into your veterinarian to be checked for a urinary tract infection. Once an underlying health problem is ruled out, the source of “stress” should be found and addressed. Some stresses might include intercat aggression, house guests, or any disruption to their daily routine. Possible solutions may be recommended by your vet such as pheromones, antianxiety medications, and environmental changes, to name a few. Yes, cats can be crazy, but working with your vet, you should be able to solve the problem in a way that makes everyone happy.

Q: Does my dog really need heartworm prevention medication? 

Absolutely! Heartworm disease is endemic in Suwanee and the surrounding areas. One bite of a mosquito can transmit young heartworms into your dog’s blood stream. Once infected, your dog will eventually suffer from heart failure that can be fatal. It is essential that every dog (even yours!) receive heartworm prevention in a six-month injection or a monthly treatment available from your local vet. These heartworm preventions also include intestinal dewormers to help protect your pet and your family from parasites. Please remember, the worst feeling is when your four legged companion gets a disease that you could have prevented.


Dr. Hamryka is the Owner and Medical Director of Sugar Hill Animal Hospital. His special interests include geriatrics and orthopedics.

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