New Gallery Showcases Local Artists


Echo Gallery & Artist Colony is bringing local art to the Suwanee Community. The Gallery opened on March 10th just around the corner from Town Center, and is currently home to 14 independent artists.

The Gallery received its name based off of the Suwanee Community it is located in. Suwanee is said to be the Creek Indian word for the Shawnee Indian and also a word from the Creek and Timucuan Indian meaning “echo.” The local artists of the Echo Gallery try to stay true to its name by portraying the “echo” of the world around us.

Vickie Johnson, founder of the Echo Gallery created the space so artists have a place to create and members of the community have a place to purchase local art.

Among the artists of Echo Gallery are Sandra Ackovic, Wendy Anett, Kevin Aurand, Kathy de Cano, Drew Carroll, Kim Crowe, John Duke, Vickie Johnson, Sukyong Lawson, Pam O’Sullivan, Patty Stokes, Shirley Tyldesley and Alan Zarter.

Located at 3982 Cherokee Trail, the gallery intends on holding monthly events and workshops where artists can teach their art forms to the community while enjoying wine, beer, and snacks.

For more information, visit facebook. com/EchoGalleryArtistColony or email [email protected].


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