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Pumpkin to Talk About
What most people call fall, I call Pumpkin Spice Season. From mid-August to the end of October, I try to fit as many pumpkin spice things as I can into my daily food regimen. Call me obsessed, but one thing is for sure — I never suffer from FOMO! My favorite pumpkin-spiced treats come from Sugar Hill’s Rushing Trading Company. All of their pumpkin-spiced items are made with REAL pumpkin! Be sure to try their pumpkin pie French toast that comes loaded with sweet cream cheese, pumpkin pie filling, and is topped with caramel and walnuts. This dish pairs nicely with their Lumberjack Breakfast and, of course, a pumpkin spice latte! 5029 W. Broad St. N.E., Sugar Hill, 678-288-9808,
— Jaya Lord, Contributing Writer

Matcha Makers
This past July, Mochinut Donuts opened in Suwanee and has already garnered quite the following — including the Suwanee Magazine staff! It’s also no secret among my co-workers that I have a (not so) small obsession with matcha, so I was excited to try Mochinut’s matcha-flavored donut. Spoiler alert: It’s my new go-to! The adorable donut shop uses mochi flour to create sweet treats that are light and crispy and perfectly chewy. The popular franchise originated in Hawaii and has finally made its way to our neck of the woods, and we are forever grateful. 315 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 106, Suwanee. For more info, visit their social media pages at @MochinutSuwanee.
— Alicia Carter, Managing Editor

Love You a Latte
Cips Coffee Roasters is a new neighborhood coffee roaster serving delicious coffee that’s roasted on site. We love stopping by to grab a strong iced coffee to help fuel a long writing day, as well as a bag of their dark roast beans to help kick-start busy mornings at home. In addition to all of the coffee drinks you know and love, Cips also serves up matcha lattes, chai lattes, hot chocolate, nitro cold brew, and a selection of specialty tea drinks, like the Moroccan Mint Green Tea or the London Fog, made with Earl Gray, steamed milk, and lavender or vanilla. 2780 West Village Drive, Suite B, Suwanee,
— Alicia Carter, Managing Editor


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