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Karate Instuctor

Dustin Chovanic

Head Instructor at Legacy Karate & MMA and President of Georgia Fitness, Chovanic assisted our cover photo shoot for this issue, ensuring the students were using proper form and recommending kicks. Cover model Colby has been training at Georgia Fitness for two years. As a professional MMA fighter and professional kickboxer, Chovanic is highly accomplished in martial arts.

◆ Former member of the U.S. Nat. Karate Team

◆ Member U.S. Muay Thai Team

◆ Six Time Florida State Karate Champion

◆ Trainer of over 75 world, national and state champions

◆ 5th degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt

◆ Fought on Pay Per View, Spike TV, ESPN, Comcast, and Florida Sunshine Network

◆ Head coach of the youth international world champion team

◆ Tournament Champion of PanAmerican Internationals, US Open, Diamond Nationals, Gold Coast, Battle of Atlanta, Empire State Nationals, Fairfax Internationals, Compete Internationals, All Star Nationals, Bluegrass Nationals, Washington DC Nationals, Space Coast Challenge, and Fame Karate Champion

◆ 2014 Muay Thai Fight of the Year

◆ Ranked number one welterweight in North Carolina in Mixed Martial Arts in 2009

◆ Ranked in the top five overall mixed martial arts fighters by Georgia Fighters


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