Currently Loving: July/August


Snapshots of the food, shops, events and more we’re loving around town.


Small Blessings
A friend recently gifted me a Blessings Bracelet from Sugar Hill’s Mint Juleps during a particularly difficult time in my life. The bracelet is meant to be worn as a reminder of all of the blessings in your life. Anytime you’re feeling defeated or if you find yourself concentrating on the negative, simply look at the four pearls on the bracelet and think of four people or things you are grateful for. It’s a daily reminder to concentrate on the good and to find the joy in life. 
— Alicia Carter, Managing Editor

A Custom DIY Experience
My best friend booked a class at Board & Brush in Johns Creek as a birthday gift a little while back, and I’m so obsessed I’ve been four more times! Board & Brush offers workshops to build on-trend, farmhouse- classic, inspirational pieces of décor. The teachers walk you through the process step by step, making it fun and easy for anyone (whether you’re crafty or not!). With personal customization, holiday themes, and frequent new releases, there’s a different design for everyone and there’s always something you’ll want to return and make. Plus, who needs an excuse for BYOB girls’ night? 
— Natalie Stubbs, Account Executive

Summer Treats
I recently heard a lot of buzz about the newest rolled ice cream place in Suwanee, Freezing Moo, so on the first day of summer break, I took my little brother to see what all the hype was about — and it did not disappoint! These delicious ice cream rolls are handmade with milk in a flavor of your choice, then poured over an ice grill where the ingredients are mixed in and rolled together. I highly recommend the Strawbella ice cream that features freshly sliced strawberries, Nutella, and graham cracker. It really is the perfect summer treat!
— Lizzy Kidney, Contributing Writer

Delicious “Queso-role”
From the moment I saw a photo of Beto’s Tacos’ Choriqueso posted on their Facebook I knew that I had to try it. I mean — queso plus chorizo, need I say more? So I gathered a group of co- workers and an eager intern to head to the Suwanee restaurant to check it out. Pro tip: Use a fork, because it’s thicker than a traditional queso dip. We coined it a “queso-role.” It was delicious and unlike anything we’ve had around town. 
— Alicia Carter, Managing Editor


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