Friendship Christian School Home To Competitive Recurve Archery Program


Friendship Christian School is a K-12 private institution located in Suwanee. As a part of its athletic program, Friendship Christian has a competitive recurve archery program. They train year round for multiple state and national competitions which are held all throughout the country. These competitions are held over the course of a few days and include qualification and elimination rounds, just like the Olympics! The archery program is coached by three coaches, Coach Anna, Coach James, and Coach Yun, who is an Olympic Recurve Gold Medalist. Friendship Christian is a one-of-a-kind high school team as many archery clubs in high schools do not compete at the national level. There are semi-annual tryouts for the students to join the competitive team and practice takes place three times a week after school. The team is home to two archers who finished Top 20 in the nation last national season. For more information about Friendship Christian School, visit


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