Making health a top priority

Dustin Stepp, owner of HomeBody Personal Training, is one of the hand-selected professional trainers at Warrior Wellness and Rejuvenation and has been NASM Certified sDustinince 2006. His mission is to help people achieve the right mindset about fitness – to not look at working out as a chore or something to dread. “This should be a lifestyle change, you should never stop working out once the weight is lost,” he said.

Through a variety of options, including one- on-one training sessions, group classes and boot camps, HomeBody Personal Training caters to each client’s personal tastes and preferences while maximizing their rate of success. Passionate about properly fueling one’s body, Stepp has studied nutrition for years and became a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist in 2013. “I want to lead people to the truth about nutrition,” he said.

The science and research surrounding health, fitness and nutrition is constantly evolving. And, Stepp is committed to ongoing personal growth and education, so that he can serve clients with only the most up-to-date knowledge and resources. In September of 2014, he became certified in Cardio for Fitness – a helpful tool for athletes or those looking to lose weight. Stepp has trained clients of all fitness levels, from the age of 7 to 75, and will adapt his training techniques with each unique circumstance.

Donna Collum, 65, has been training with Stepp for nearly eight years, has lost 30 pounds, and is the strongest she has ever been in her life. This is despite an ongoing struggle with tendonitis in her shoulders that, prior to Stepp, trainers were fearful of working on. “But Dustin found a way…he’s the best! I’m all about having a good personal trainer, because you can really hurt yourself on your own,”

HomeBody Personal Training is built on the belief that “customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.” Stepp recognizes that life gets busy and sometimes health gets pushed to the back burner, which is why he tries to make it as effortless and enjoyable as possible. He invites clients to call or email him anytime throughout the week if they need advice, motivation or even tips about what groceries to buy. He will travel to clients’ homes for training sessions and even invites children to play in a safe environment at his own home gym, while parents work out. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it’s a longer process, but for all clients, Stepp’s end goal is to make health a top priority.



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