Letters for Santa


Here at Suwanee Magazine, we love encouraging students of all ages to write about things they are passionate about and nothing brings out more passion in a child than their Christmas wish list for Santa! Our team decided to help our friend up at the North Pole collect some very important letters. From makeup sets to baby sisters to puppies, it seems Olde Saint Nick has his hands full this year!



Dear Santa,

I am so exited for Chistmas. I hope your elfs can make all our presents in time. I hope you get all your presents to the children. I love Christmas a lot.



Dear Santa,

pretty please ask your elf to bring me a robot and a toy set please pretty please. For sock, you will have cookies and hot chocolate. I love you Santa!

From Chinwe


Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me a lot of presents last year. For Christmas this year I am hoping that I can get an American Girl doll this year. And, I really want a makeup set because I have a makeup bag but no makeup to go with it.

– Maggie


To Santa Claus,

I hope you are doing good and having fun at the North Pole. Can I please have a Nintendo Switch for Christmas?

-Sensationally, Harvey


Dear Santa, 

I want the dog on TV. You can feed it and it can poop out the food. I wanna real dog and I want a lego friends. I want a little petshop.

– Sophia Ruth Burgess


Dear Santa,

Can I please have a lego roller coaster, pool, puppy, fish, baby sister, every logo set in the world, rain coat for Elfy the Elf and a reindeer for the elf.

Love From, Brady 


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