Phoenix Community of Atlanta Opens the Doors of New Suwanee Location

Phoenix Church

“Don’t go to church. Come and be the church.” That is the motto of Phoenix Community of Atlanta, a network of churches that focuses on welcoming and serving the broken or hurt. With services in Duluth, Buford, Gainesville and now Suwanee, Phoenix has helped to transform many lives since its humble beginnings ten years ago.

This is a place where you can freely admit your struggles, a place where you will connect with people in real, raw, radical ways, where you will be encouraged to be involved in your community and show the love of Christ through action over words. Phoenix Community invites you to gather with a different kind of church in Suwanee. Weekly worship will launch on Sunday, September 17th at 10:30am at Artios Academy, 415 Brogdon Rd, Sugar Hill, GA 30024. More information at



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