Rocket Fizz Candy Shop opens in Suwanee Town Center


Feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days when you could swing by the corner store to pick up a special soda and candy on your way home from school? Now you can relive those memories with Rocket Fizz, a retro-inspired franchise out of California that recently set up shop in Suwanee Town Center.

Step inside Rocket Fizz and take a moment to take in the sights: more than 1,000 candies fill the store, many of which are regional or hard to find, as well as 400 types of soda, including Rocket Fizz’s own custom line with crazy flavors such as Pumpkin Patch and Buffalo Wing soda. Customers can also partake in 104 flavors of taffy ranging from classics like chocolate and banana to unusual flavors like buttered popcorn and maple bacon. Once you come down from your sugar high, peruse the eclectic variety of toys and gifts that are sure to take you back down memory lane.

Owner Jason Lewis is a retired police officer who made his dreams a reality when he and his wife opened Rocket Fizz in August. They were drawn to Rocket Fizz because it’s a place “that can’t help but make you smile. From the funny wall signs to the candy you haven’t seen since you were a kid, you walk in the store happy and you leave happy.”

For more information about Rocket Fizz’s Suwanee location, visit


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