Suwanee Get Fit Update


We’ve all heard of them. We’ve all reached them at some point…I’m talking about the dreaded plateau.

Get Fitters, Michelle, Ginny, & Divya at Planet Smoothie after working out with Kyle Maynard.

The months of May and June have proven to be tough for most of the “Get Fit Suwanee” contestants. There is something called “life” that seems to get in the way of making fitness a priority. With vacations, kids, school ending, on top of being a few months into a fitness plan, it is common to level off and even gain a few pounds.

Kyle Maynard speaking to the Get Fitters at Big Peach.

Still, everyone has managed to keep the weight off and some have lost weight. Michelle McShane led the weight loss this time around, with 12 lbs. lost. Great job Michelle!

The important thing to remember is that getting healthy is a lifestyle change. It takes consistency, time and a lot of work. Even with their individual challenges, the Get Fit contestants had some great experiences the past couple of months. The contestants participated in inspirational meetings at Big Peach (the official Get Fit Weigh-in Center) where everyone shared goals and struggles. At one of these

meetings, Kyle Maynard, owner of No Excuses CrossFit in Suwanee, gave a motivational speech with tips on getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. Maynard also gave everyone a taste of a No Excuses CrossFit workout. Who knew you could get so much out of 10 minutes of exercise!?

Post SkyRobics with Instructors as well as owner, Jeff Cole.


Contestants also participated in a Skyrobics class at Skyzone, Suwanee’s indoor trampoline park, where they learned that in a one hour class, a person can burn up to 1,000 calories! Plus, it is so much fun to be bouncing on trampolines the whole time!






Ginny Wurttemberg:
“I really think the encouragement I’ve received from Divya and Michelle has helped a lot. Plus, the Peachtree Road Race is in a little over one month! I love this event!  It’s truly one of my favorite races. I am going to be ready for it!”Ginny Wurttemberg had a setback with an injury but is ready to get back on track!



Erika Beckwith:
“I am also loving how I feel…since changing my diet (I removed all corn, gluten and sugar). I have more energy, my skin is clear and I no longer feel bloated all the time. I have been trying to buy organic and locally and recently started buying the majority of my produce from Big Organic Garden. We’re only 1/4 of the way into the program and I still have a lot of weight I want to lose by the time we’re done. That means I still have a lot of work to do. Right now I feel like I’m off to a good start, just taking it one meal…and one workout at a time…always reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race.”


Michelle McShane:
“Let me tell you how different I feel having gone completely off
of the diet for only a few days, skipping meals, as well as laying off of the exercise for a few days. Blah! Yes, I feel tired, bloated and achy. Truthfully, I feel fat! I haven’t gained any weight. Trust me, I checked! However, the difference in my overall “feeling” is different. You really are what you eat! Yes, if you put junk in, you will feel like junk. You put nutrition in and you will run as if you put real fuel into your vehicle (your body).”



Divya Desai:
“Ok so here it is…the month of May has been my gain month – starting with husband’s birthday, medical issues, vacation, and then another birthday to top it off. I have gained a nice 4 lbs.  That really does not mean I am going to throw the towel in and quit. That means it’s time to work out harder. I really am not bothered by it because it’s time to get back on the roller coaster and go down the ride. Going up the roller coaster is no fun.”


Bill King:
“I am stagnating. My initial loss of 25 lbs was fairly easy and rapid. Now, since I have lost a noticeable amount of weight, I feel much better and I am getting some nice ego boosts, but I am losing motivation to a degree. I have been holding steady at about 311 lbs for about six weeks. When I gain a pound or two I take it right back off. I really need to get my mind right and lose another 20. It’s just a focus thing. I see the plate of barbeque, or homemade peach ice cream or pound cake and think…”Yea, I will gain a pound today, but I can take it right back off tomorrow.” Fact is, that attitude is fine for maintenance, but I still need to lose another 60 lbs. Excuses are easy, but I KNOW it all comes down to the little decisions. Each little decision adds up.  If I am focused and true to my goals and my stated objective, I know what I should do every time.”



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