City of Suwanee Launches Open Budget Website

Budget Site

In an effort to provide complete and clear financial information, the City of Suwanee has launched its open data budget website, ensuring that city financial data is easily accessible and understandable for citizens.

The City leveraged Seattle-based Socrata’s suite of applications to publish their online budget data quickly, economically, and in a consumer-friendly way. Citizens and staff see financial data in charts, graphs, and images that are attractive, navigable, and easy to understand.

“We’re big believers in authenticity and transparency in government, and that certainly includes our financials. This is the taxpayers’ money, and it’s their right to know that we are being fiscally responsible for their dollars,” said Amie Sakmar, Suwanee’s Director of Finance.

“We will be using the open budget program to replace our monthly financial reports for departments and council,” said Sakmar. “The new program will allow departments and council to obtain current data in a simple, non-technical manner. The ability to obtain current information in different formats will help decision makers be successful in monitoring financial data, understanding trends, and identify budgetary problems before they occur.”

Visit to explore the open budget.


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