Best Father in Suwanee Contest


We created the first-ever Best Father in Suwanee Contest, sponsored by Bear’s Best Atlanta and Bare Bones Steakhouse, to honor and show appreciation for all of the amazing fathers and father figures in our community.

Meet Big Billy – 2018’s Best Father in Suwanee! Happy Father’s Day to every dad making a difference in the lives of our children!


Entry submitted by Heather Parenti:

Billy “Big Billy” Wadsworth is the father of my best friend, Brittany. I consider him to be my dad since my birth father was never around. At the age of 17 I met Brittany in high school. The first time I met her parents (Big Billy and Tammy) they were very welcoming and loving and treated me as their own daughter. When I met Big Billy he worked the night shift and worked long hours. He has always provided above and beyond for his family and always puts their needs before his own. 

At age 27, I decided it was time to move out on my own and told Big Billy and Tammy I was looking for an apartment. Big Billy didn’t hesitate and offered for me to rent the basement in their home so I wouldn’t have to live in an apartment alone. For the next three years I was shown the love of a true father. Anytime I need anything he has been there for me, from an oil change to a warm dinner, an air filter change, fixing a running toilet and most importantly – his unconditional love. Every holiday Big Billy hosts a cookout and cooks delicious filets for everyone. The entire neighborhood knows Big Billy as he is always lending a hand to neighbors, friends, and even people he doesn’t know.

One of his passions is taking his boat out on Lake Lanier and surfing. This is one of the times I see him smiling from ear to ear. I think I have made more friends during the summer on the lake with Big Billy than I have my entire life. 

He is loving, funny, kind and has the most giving heart of any father I’ve met. Big Billy is truly the definition of the “Best Father” by not only putting his kids needs before his own but even the needs of others. I am truly thankful to call myself his adopted daughter and to call him my father.


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