Beth Rowe’s Fitness Journey


Just one year ago, in January 2013, Beth Rowe, read the Suwanee Magazine health issue cover to cover, twice! Having felt defeated for quite some time, Rowe said she felt empowered by seeing individuals such as herself who started to make healthy choices,get fit and stop making excuses.

And, what a testimony, that now Beth Rowe is one of the individuals gracing our cover for the 2014 health issue! She has certainly come a long way in the past year, losing over8 inches, 20 pounds of body fat and gaining muscle.

Last Christmas, Rowe’s husband bought her a group-class trial package at Go Performance in Suwanee. “When I opened my gift, I cried, not because I was offended…the opposite. I cried because I was happy, I had the opportunity and the push to do something about my weight, which is something I’d been talking about for a long time.”

Before & After
Before & After

Rowe will tell you herself that she still has a ways to go and that the pounds don’t drop off easily; it takes dedication and hard work. But, she loves seeing her body transform, she loves being able to lift weights she never thought she’d be able to even budge and loves pushing her body to do things she never imagined doing.

At Go Performance, there is never a finish line. “Just when I think I’ve mastered one thing, they switch it up on me!” she said. Rowe’s goals are ever-evolving and her trainers are constantly pushing and challenging her. During the first nine months of her fitness journey, Rowe focused solely on working out, but didn’t change much in her diet or lifestyle beyond the gym. So, with the encouragement of her trainer, she signed up for the GoLean Program.

By changing her diet and incorporating this new program into her lifestyle, over half of Rowe’s weight loss occurred in the past two months. Rowe’s trainer, Ronnie Collins said, “What I feel is important for people to understand through Beth’s story, is that a healthy lifestyle via Fitness & Nutrition is a never-ending journey of learning and application, trial and error, strength and weakness, giving in and not giving in; it’s enough to drive you crazy initially, but once you start learning your body, understanding the how and why it responds to your actions… the whole process gets easier.”

Beth RoweRowe’s story has already inspired those close to her. “I lead by example and my six, ten and eleven year old daughters follow suit…they crave healthy snacks now, it’s great,” she said. And her husband…well lets just say he is very pleased with the lasting effect of last year’s Christmas present. “Her husband pulledme aside in the locker room the other day and told me how proud he is of how far she’s come,” Collins confided.

After Rowe’s 13 trial sessions, she became a self-proclaimed “Go Performance addict” and now goes several times a week to the group classes. “It’s very motivating to be in the group setting and I’d recommend it to anyone who is nervous about starting out and needs that added push.”

“Your skill level does not matter because the trainers are great at adapting to what your body is capable of doing”, she added. Even when Rowe gets to where she wants to be physically, she will continue to push herself and create new goals. She said it is  it is a lifestyle change and there’s no turning back for her now.



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