Georgia Passes New Distracted Driving Law


Gov. Nathan Deal has signed House Bill 673, a new distracted driving law that takes effect in Georgia on July 1. The new law states that drivers are now required to use hands-free technology while operating a moving vehicle.

The new law prohibits the writing, sending, or reading of any sort of message including text and email while driving. This rule applies even if the car is stopped at a red light, street sign, etc. It is also prohibited for anyone to watch a video or movie, unless it is related to the navigation of your vehicle (i.e., your GPS screen).

In addition to texting and video watching, it is now against the law to hold or support a phone or electronic device with any part of the body while operating a moving vehicle.

Hands-free calling and messaging will still be permitted, however, as well as the use of GPS, smartwatches, radios, and an earpiece for phone conversations. It is the hope of government officials that this new legislation will help make Georgia roads safer for everyone.


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