Suwanee Beer Fest 2016 Home Brew Contest


2016HomeBrewlogoThe 5th annual Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brew Contest returns and it is bigger than it has ever been. Even with a staggering 250 beers entered into the competition last year, several home-brewers were left out of the equation. So this year, Bob Carlton, Owner of Brew Depot in Alpharetta, has allowed room for 300 beers to be entered!

“The beers being entered into this contest are getting better and better each year,” said Carlton.

Last year, Bill Gillespie took home “Best in Show” with his Premium Bitter. In second was Ryan Boling with his IPA and third place went to Jay Young in the fruit beer category. Carlton and the 30-40 other judges are excited to see what will be brought to the table for the 2016 competition.

Judging for this BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) competition begins on March 12th when the “Best in Show” contenders will be chosen. All finalists will then be judged at Suwanee Beer Fest on March 19th, 2016 with the “Best in Show” victor being crowned onstage at the event.

Brewing beer is an art: it requires passion, patience, skills and a little bit of insanity. And judging for this competition requires an equal amount of special attention. The beers are all judged based on a set of criteria, including: mouthfeel, aroma, appearance, flavor and overall impression. The highest score possible is a 50, but even after four years of hosting the Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brew Contest, Carlton and the judges have still never given a 50. Maybe this will be the year!

For those who are interested in learning more about how to brew and want to consider entering next year, Brew Depot offers “Home Brewing” and “Wine Making” classes. Some of Brew Depot’s previous customers have even gone on to open their own local, commercial breweries: Jekyll Brewing, Monday Night Brewing, Three Taverns, Blue Tarp, Red Hare, Cherry Street and Wrecking Bar. So, whether you want to try it out as a hobby or are thinking about it as a future career, Brew Depot is a one-stop shop for all your brewing needs!

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