‘Fitness and health are linked to your mental well-being’


I just want to start off by saying how grateful I am to Suwanee Magazine for having this opportunity and to represent Stage 3 Fitness. I want to thank Angie for all her time and support as well as all the other trainers and people I workout with, as well as my husband and friends! Everyone was so supportive!

It was so much fun getting to know everyone in the competition. We all worked so hard and will continue on our journey and keep in touch with each other. 

The last two weeks of the competition I fell and broke my wrist! I didn’t stop working out, I just did lower body and some cardio. It was disappointing but I didn’t let it stop me even though all I wanted to do was stop and rest!

For me I’m halfway to my goal and will not stop till I get there! I’ve lost 20 pounds I feel so much better. I’m able to wear so many things in my closet that I haven’t been able to in years! Along with the weight loss is better health, that’s a no-brainer right — for me no more heartburn!

It’s just so evident that your fitness and health are linked to your mental well-being. When I started this challenge I would notice that after my workouts later that day or evening I was just so happy it’s almost like a drug!

I hope for anyone who reads this that wants to get started on your journey you can do it! You just have to want it bad enough to go after it! Make up your mind that your worth it. Be patient with yourself. You didn’t get overweight overnight so take it one day at a time and don’t give up!