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‘You must have supportive people around you’

‘You must have supportive people around you’

The first few weeks of the competition have gone rather smooth. The hardest part is keeping on my nutrition plan. I have never kept a food journal nor counted calories before. Keeping up with everything you eat is a hassle, but I can understand the necessity. I never realized how many calories I was consuming

Introducing the 2019 Get Fit Challenge Contestants

After the success of last year’s Get Fit Challenge, in which the contestants lost a combined total of more than 100 pounds and nearly 20 inches, we decided to keep the momentum going into 2019! Once again we reached out to the Suwanee community looking for six people who wanted to reclaim their health and

2018 Get Fit Challenge Results

It’s hard to believe, but the 90-day Suwanee Magazine Get Fit Challenge has come to an end. Everyone here at Suwanee Magazine has enjoyed following each of the contestants’ journeys. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to participate in this challenge. Each of them has shown a level of dedication, determination

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