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We recently asked our readers to share what they’re most thankful for this year, whether it’s a reliable friend, new job, favorite food, or bingeable TV show — and boy did you deliver! In honor of Thanksgiving and the impending holiday season, we wanted to highlight the special people, places, and things that fill our readers’ hearts with joy. And on a personal note, we wanted to take this time to say a big thank you to all our readers and advertisers who make Suwanee Magazine possible. We couldn’t do it without you, and we are so grateful for each one of you.

Everyone says I “lucked out” when I married Rick. I am here to officially say that is 100% true. From nursing me back to health after a car wreck, to joining me and supporting me in all of my work and continuing education, Rick is the foundation I can build my future on. He is my biggest cheerleader, co-captain of our household, and co-parent to our two rescues. I am most thankful for my husband. Today and every day. — Jessica Rantamak, Suwanee

I’m thankful for my friends Alex and Joy. I moved to Georgia last February 2022 with only two suitcases, $100, not knowing how to drive, and a hope that I’ll find a job soon enough. They were very supportive in helping me get back on my feet and I’ll be forever grateful for all that they’ve done for me! — Kristel, Sandy Springs

I am thankful for my daughter who fills my life with happiness and love. She’s just given us the most precious gift, our first and probably only grand baby. Our family is so blessed. Thank you, Kristen Russell, for always being there for your dad and I. — Carol Russell, Suwanee



I am thankful for our local Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard shop! My family and I love to walk to the Suwanee Town Center and grab a couple of large gelatis to share. We love to eat them in the park and enjoy one another’s company! We couldn’t ask for a better local ice cream shop. — Kelly Gilliam, Suwanee


I am thankful for 12Stone Church! A fun place to connect with community and worship. We are “daymakers” — because everyone needs a little sunshine in their day. I am also thankful for Charlie! He brings so much joy to everyone he meets. He’s well known in and around Town Center. He’s my best friend. — Elaine French, Suwanee



I’m thankful for my family and friends and being alive with the ability to stay in touch with all of them! I’m thankful for having a decent job and a home to call my own and a lust for adventure that has allowed me to explore and experience the great state that we live in and so many other places as well. — Michael Prewett, Lawrenceville

My husband, Rod. He is always there by my side and supports me in all my endeavors. He even gets up early, 4:30, to be out at the park while I run just to make sure I am safe. — Rita Pincumbe, Suwanee



I am thankful to have a job that allows me to work from home, so I have the flexibility of bringing my daughter to and from school or seeing her participate in a sport or school activity. I am thankful to have a wonderful family that supports our endeavors; and I am thankful to God to be able to enjoy my marriage with my talented husband and watch my beautiful daughter grow into an amazing person! — Kristen Papamichael, Suwanee



I’m thankful for my fabulous coworkers, who are part of our volunteer team! — Veronica Vasilik, Suwanee



I’m thankful for the Suwannee Farmers Market. I can come after a solo run on the Greenway or with my family. Lots of feel-good vibes and small-town feels. You never know what to expect. You might be able to hold a goat or run into an influential Atlantan! — Tara Varnadore, Dacula

I’m so thankful for my family and my grand dog. They make my day every day! — Diane Redd, Suwanee

Our incredible customers, staff, and community! — Scoops Sugar Hill




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