S&S Ace Hardware Opens New Location in Buford


Our friends at S&S Ace Hardware have opened up their brand new location in Buford! The new store is now located off of Highway 20 at 4160 Buford Drive and offers just about everything you may need for home and garden improvement!

S&S originally opened its doors in 1987 under the ownership of Spencer and Jean Snedecor, but after Jean’s passing in 2002, the family has become a three-member unit with son, Scott Snedecor, and his wife, Cathy, stepping into management roles to help out Spencer.

On an average day at S&S Ace, you can find Scott handling the day-to-day activities and Cathy handling everything that goes on behind the scenes.

S&S Ace prides itself on having a team that is dedicated and knowledgeable, and currently has over 30 full and part-time employees who have helped to make customer service a main priority for over 30 years of business.

To learn more visit:  https://www.ssacehardware.com/



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