‘I wanted 2018 to be different’

The Suwanee Get Fit Challenge seemed like a real opportunity for me to take ownership of my health. After going through cancer treatments in 2015, I have not had the energy or mind-set to work out, think about my diet and take back my health. I have lived with the quarterly blood draws, twice-a-year scans and doctor appointments to “hear” that I am healthy and that the cancer has not returned. After that year of beating cancer, I started 2016 with breaking my arm and having surgery!

I wanted 2018 to be different! Entering this contest allowed me to admit that I wasn’t sure what to do or how to get started. Going to that first weigh-in, I wasn’t sure what to think because I wasn’t in it to lose a bunch of weight but to learn “how” to be healthy, eat better, work-out and not live for quarterly blood work and scans. I wanted to control my own destiny by making smart choices and to be accountable! I mean, I never met a chip or some cheese dip that I didn’t like but maybe I needed to try something different?

Meeting Anthony from Alloy was just what I needed for this competition. He is a positive, funny, and great trainer! Now let’s not worry that I was sore for 3 days JUST FROM THE ASSESSMENT! His classes are awesome and he is pushing me to do all I can at each class. I had some pain in my knee and he adapted exercises to avoid the pain. He didn’t tell me to take a week off – he worked around my issue. NO EXCUSES! If I can survive the deck of cards workout (AKA the deck of death well, to me anyway!) – where each card determined the amount of reps for an exercise and each suite determined the exercise, then I can do ANYTHING!

I love being on a team in this contest too. One morning, when it felt a little tough to get up, I said to myself, “don’t let Sheri down, GET UP and GO!” which was just the motivation I needed. Sheri and I are working out at different times but we do communicate on social media to motivate and help each other as we can.

Now that I’m two weeks in to this contest, I feel like I can do this! I can work out! I can be strong! I can drink a crap-ton of water! I’m bringing my lunch, cooking healthy meals for my family, getting up at 6 a.m. three days a week to go exercise! Now let’s just hope that I can see some results. I lost over 30 pounds on Weight Watchers many years ago. I know I can do this! I want 2018 to be the year I take back over my health and my body! TEAM PINK is going to look and feel incredible in 90 days!


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