‘It feels great to use and feel my muscles again’

My first blog entry! I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in Suwanee Magazine’s Get Fit Challenge as it’s going to help me with my physical health, nutritional health, and mental health.

Physical health – I’ve been to Alloy Personal Training for Women six times so far and I really love it. Trainers Caroline and Anthony are awesome, and the other women working out there are welcoming, friendly, positive, encouraging, and they rock the workouts! It feels great to use and feel my muscles again. As I stated in my application and video interview, I felt that I needed this Challenge since I was not doing well on my own. I was right. It would have been so easy to skip workouts (tired after work, cold, want to sleep in on Saturday), but because of the accountability of the Challenge I am there every time!  

Nutritional health – I have increased my protein and water intake and have reduced carbs. I am also trying to give up Diet Coke (the struggle is real!). We had a group meeting with a nutritionist this past Friday. I don’t think I can be as hardcore as she is but I liked a lot of what she said and I will incorporate some of the suggestions and recipes she shared.

Mental health – Well, I have already put myself out there with my pictures, weight and age, so I might as well be vulnerable with my feelings too. This getting fit journey is just as much about the mind as it is about the body, right? I have definitely determined that I need to work on my mind and thoughts. For instance, I am really bad at comparing myself to others in so many areas – careers, size of house (we have a small townhouse), kids (we don’t have any), and even hair length (I’m envious of long, beautiful locks)! I skipped my 30th class reunion in part because I was embarrassed of how I looked (fat and out of shape), and many of my classmates on Facebook look fabulous and even better than they did in high school. Currently, I am comparing myself to the other contestants, the workouts of the women at Alloy, and I’m even comparing myself to where I used to be in my athletic days.  I know this is not healthy or productive so I am determined to conquer this habit. I have an amazing support system and with their help I can do it. My 18 year old niece has given me wise words: “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” Trainer Caroline has also been encouraging for when I compare myself to others and what I used to be able to do in the gym. And you know what? A woman at the gym on Saturday told me that I inspire her! (My family and friends have told me that, but they have to say that, don’t they?! It was pretty cool hearing it from a stranger.) So I am choosing to hang on to all the positive energy being sent my way and little by little I am going to say good bye to the comparisons.  

If you have read this far, thank you for sticking with me! I appreciate your support!



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