‘I’m starting to see and feel significant results’


We’ve come to the end of the second month in a three-month challenge. I’m starting to see and feel significant results. If I hadn’t started this challenge, I would probably still be where I was at the start of the year. Instead, I’ve had to get my smaller clothes out of the attic because everything’s too big. The difference for me this time is having coaches on the journey with me. I have an exercise coach at the gym and a health coach to help me understand how my body responds to everything I do — right or wrong. All I have to do is keep repeating what I’ve been doing, making necessary adjustments along the way, and I know I’ll be where I want to be before the end of this year.

Finding healthy replacements for foods I enjoy is important. Growing up, my mom and step-father owned a pizza restaurant, so that’s one of my favorite foods. As a substitute, I really like loading up healthy tortillas with sauce, vegetables and a little cheese. Trying new activities is also part of the experience. The folks at Suwanee Magazine thought it would be a good idea to take us out for pie and lattes. I wasn’t sure how that fit in with the plan, but when I showed up it was Pilates … Let’s just say I met some muscles I’d never been introduced to before, and it’ll be a while before we need to meet again.