‘I’ve really been pushing hard’


I’ve really been pushing hard to finish out this last month strong. My trainer at Stage 3 Fitness, Angie, has had me in the gym doing extra workouts. I’ve been very sore and have had a couple of minor injuries, but I’m determined to push through. I have my trainer on the one side pushing my body to the limit and my wife on the other reminding me that this is a marathon and I need to pace myself. She knows that I have a tendency to go until I burnout. I really want this to be a permanent change and a routine I can sustain. However, I do enjoy a challenge, so pushing a little hard for the next couple of weeks is fine.

The variety of exercise routines at the gym keeps it from being boring, and the hour-session goes by fast. At home, we’ve had to clean out my closet due to dropping 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. In the process, we found a pair of jeans with the tags still on. I returned them for a size that fits, but because of the extra push the last couple of weeks, I dropped another pant size before I could take the tags off the new pair! That makes the extra workouts worth it. So I’ll hustle for the muscle, sweat, smile and repeat.