‘It was more than I expected’


I was really excited about starting the program on January 2nd. My trainer, Dan Leblanc, had me come in to take a session the week prior just to get a feel for the workouts. I must say it was more than I expected. I didn’t even get through half the workout. I was disappointed in myself, but my trainer encouraged me and let me know it will get much better and I will get through them with time to spare after a couple months.

The first week starting, I was very sore after the workouts as I was introduced to so may different workout moves that I had not previously been accustomed to. I HATE BURPEES!!!! I know that without a doubt and I told my trainer. Probably not the best idea as he makes me do extra just cause… lol. My hope is not to let it get the best of me. I’ll conquer them soon … hopefully