‘This challenge has caused me to grow’


I will begin by saying I am so grateful, blessed and thankful to have been selected to be a contestant in Suwanee Magazine’s 2019 Get Fit Challenge. I will quote myself, “Now that two of my kids have gone off to college, I am starting to get back into my career as a project manager. When I applied for this challenge the only thing I could think of was what better project to start managing than myself.”

It has only been less than two weeks and I can see how this challenge has caused me to grow in so many areas of my life. I am being pushed to grow and become stronger and as I do so I can see not only my body starting to change but also my mindset. Not just physical pounds dropping but excess baggage in all areas are dropping off. I believe I have the BEST teammate and trainer.

One thing my trainer said to me just this morning was that I had to learn to push past the burn and get past the comfort zone. I am learning how to push past the comfortable or familiar way out (e.g., choosing to put everyone else’s needs first) and making the hard choices to be a better me in all areas of my life. How can I truly serve others if I am not my best self? My family, friends, teammate and trainer have been extremely supportive and help me push past the “burn” or comfort zone. I face each day with grace, hope and determination to become my best self as I continue to manage the project of Stephanie. The journey continues…