‘I’m feeling better after each session’


It takes much more time to get in shape than it does to get out of shape. Just coming out of the academy not even three months ago and doing the gym stuff is tough to get back into. I was sore for the first couple of days, but after that it has been great. The workouts are lots of squatting right now, then after each session we add an element to the squat for additional muscle groups. I’m feeling better after each session and looking forward to great results.

Some expectations are to take everything from the gym and put my full turnout gear on and be able to do that same workout in gear at the fire station!! I know it will come but it seems like a slow process for sure. Keeping the end in mind is very motivating for me. Once the “end” is here in March I do not want to stop. I am going to make a lifestyle change not just go on a diet for a time period then fall off the wagon. The workouts in the gym are very helpful for the field in my area. The crossfit workouts are geared for high intensity for short bursts to get your heart rate up high. That is exactly what happens during a fire scene and sometimes on an EMS call if you have a non-cooperative patient and need restraints.