‘I am really trying to do the right things’

I’m having a harder time coming up with my second blog entry than I did the first; I am really struggling to get the words out. I guess that is appropriate since if I had to pick a word for the past two weeks it could be “struggling.” 

There are a lot of changes going on at work and I have been struggling with stress and sadness. I have wanted so many times to order pizza, or go out to our favorite Mexican place. I haven’t. I am really trying to do the right things on this Challenge. I did end up skipping a workout at the beginning of all the changes at work since I felt too stressed to work out, but I have come to realize that the workouts are my saving grace these days. Working out at Alloy is every bit as awesome as cheese dip and margaritas but I don’t have the bloating, regret and self-loathing afterwards!

I have also been struggling with not seeing results as fast as I would like them. In fact, I’m not really seeing any results. The scale has only gone down two pounds since we started on January 2. My clothes aren’t really feeling any differently. I am trying to be patient because I know it takes time, but it’s hard! I don’t want to be embarrassed or let Suwanee Magazine or Alloy down when my progress numbers are shared. I’m afraid it will look like I am not putting in the work, but I am! 

If I look for the positive aspects (forget that stupid scale) that I have found in my first month of the Get Fit Challenge, I can find several. I am feeling stronger, I have more energy, I’ve increased weight and reps at the gym, and except for the recent setback, my mood has been better too. I am very thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see all the changes (inside and out) that I will continue to make over the next two months.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! It is so helpful having so many of you in my corner. It really helps me continue to move forward.  As I come to the end of this blog entry, I am going to quote my parents and I will “keep smiling,” and will “keep my chin up.” (Or until I lose weight, I’ll keep both my chins up. Ha ha!)