‘You must have supportive people around you’


The first few weeks of the competition have gone rather smooth. The hardest part is keeping on my nutrition plan. I have never kept a food journal nor counted calories before. Keeping up with everything you eat is a hassle, but I can understand the necessity. I never realized how many calories I was consuming in a day till I started doing this and now I not only have to keep track of them, but I must keep them at a much lower level than I was previously consuming.

The workouts are challenging but the staff at Crux are great about working around your ability. I am working out at 5am which is tough to get used to but once you get going it becomes part of the routine. The people in the 5am class are great. They are very supportive, and the class is like a family. In order to keep this up long term you must have supportive people around you. I am glad to say that my family and friends have been very supportive and would do anything I needed to help me out. I must thank my wife because trying to help me stay on the nutrition plan is difficult for her because I am not good a planning out my meals ahead of time so she has to put up with my last-minute meal decisions and many nights not eating with the family.