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“Summer Camp” our way

BY: Ed Szczesniak, SBA Vice President and Owner/Designer – Georgian Landscape Design With the arrival of spring, that means summer is just around the corner.

March 03, 2014 Business
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HealthSource of Suwanee

Healthy Spines lead to Healthy Lives BY: Tana Christian Suggs Oftentimes people only look to chiropractic care to relieve pain due to an injury or

March 03, 2014 Business, Health
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AIR Salon: A Salon of Hope

Suwanee’s first and only blow-out salon turned a personal tragedy into hope for other women BY: Rachel Fasig Suwanee is home to many traditional salons,

March 03, 2014 Business, Style
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Suwanee Jubilee Shopping Center

BY: Angela Veugeler Whether you are looking for office space, a nice meal, or some quality shopping, if you haven’t been to Suwanee Jubilee Shopping

March 03, 2014 Business
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Restaurant Spotlight on Aqua Terra

Fine dining restaurant in nearby Buford celebrates 15 years BY: Tana Christian Suggs While many restaurants may come and go, there’s been a mainstay in

March 03, 2014 Food & Entertainment
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The 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest

What to expect at the 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest BY: Rachel Fasig Brought to you by The Fresh Market, one of the South’s

March 03, 2014 Events, Food & Entertainment
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Drinking Beer for A Good Cause

BY: Rachel Fasig The 4th Annual 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest is raising funds and awareness for Kingdom Kids, a nonprofit that grants wishes

March 03, 2014 Charity
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A Fresh Approach

“The Fresh Market gives back to Suwanee through their support of non-profit organizations and community events” BY: Rachel Fasig The 2014 4th Annual Suwanee American

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Atlanta: the new Southern brewing Destination

“Suwanee Magazine interviews Bob Carlton, owner of Brew Depot, about the explosion of new craft breweries in Georgia” BY: Rachel Fasig “You can sense a

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Tips for making this year’s Suwanee Beer Fest epic

BY: Curtis Stockwell of The Beer Growler The season is upon us! What is this I speak of? Beer fest season but of course, where

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A Wine Education

“See, Swirl, Smell, Sip & Slurp” BY: Sean Wilborn, Tasting Room Manager at Château Élan I lead and design several wine education events at Château

March 03, 2014 Food & Entertainment
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Lisa Shay: Post Heart-Surgery Weight Loss

BY: Rachel Fasig “Lisa Shay is the perfect example of when the mother of the house makes positive choices, it filters through the entire family.”  This was the introduction I

January 03, 2014 Features, Health
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Beth Rowe’s Fitness Journey

Just one year ago, in January 2013, Beth Rowe, read the Suwanee Magazine health issue cover to cover, twice! Having felt defeated for quite some time, Rowe said

January 03, 2014 Features, Health
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Cooper’s Fight

Suwanee teen and family remain positive in battle against rare form of cancer BY: Rachel Fasig Photos: Angie Barrett Photography The O’Briens represent Suwanee’s typical family:

January 03, 2014 Features, Health, School Beat
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Georgia Grape Harvest

BY: Sean Wilborn, Tasting Room Manager, Château Élan By now it’s well known that our state is one of notable wine production. With nearly 60

January 03, 2014 Features, Food & Entertainment
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What’s Brewing in the Craft Beer Universe

Hello beer lovers, I hope the holidays went well for all of you and you were able to get out of your zone and try

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