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Summer Camp: Life’s Most Enjoyable Classroom

Summer Camp: Life’s Most Enjoyable Classroom

BY: BRANDON HECK, FOUNDER, EXCEL ASSESSMENTS AND CONSULTING Parents often turn to summer camp looking for a childcare bridge from one school year to the next. However, for our children, these weeks represent a valuable opportunity to not only have fun, but begin learning invaluable lessons they’ll need for the journey that lies ahead. Lessons

100 Day Post-it Challenge

What began as a fun, personal project for Shay Harbaugh, Junior Art Director at Veugeler Design Group in Buford, turned into something much bigger when it was noticed by international, multi-billion dollar company 3M and their brand, Post-it. BY: PRISCILLA SALMASI For three months, Shay Harbaugh challenged herself and her creativity. From November 2015 to

Suwanee Business Alliance News: Checking Your Business’ Pulse

It’s already 2016 and time to begin setting goals. Whether you are an owner-operator of a business or a small to mid-size employer, there never seems enough time to check the engine of your company. Here are some suggestions of popular categories of entrepreneurs that should do an annual or quarterly “business health check.”

What’s Hot in 2016

From color to infographics, our design team unveils the top design trends for your business to stay current in the new year.

Creating Your 2016 Marketing Plan

By: Priscilla Salmasi Digital Marketing Manager, Veugeler Design Group The new year not only brings resolutions on a personal level, but for local businesses it can mean a fresh start, new initiatives and a brand spanking new budget. One essential part of that budget is your marketing plan. Is it time for you to bump

SBA Santa

A Legacy of Giving

SBA celebrates “Christmas Spirit” year-round by donating to a host of local causes. One thing I’m very grateful for is that I’ve gotten to know, and get deeply involved in our community – and more specifically – the SBA. If you haven’t experienced an SBA gathering you’ve missed the spirit of giving and sharing that

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies with Aileron

By: Bill & Cindi Porter, Aileron Investment Advisors Q: Are there long-term trends that may affect international investing? A: Yes, there are several. For example, countries with a higher level of economic freedom usually experience a higher level of economic activity. China is a prime example. Once free-market policies were introduced, China’s economy exploded. Another

Getting your Business’ Message out with Digitial Marketing

By: Shay Harbaugh and Priscilla Salmasi What constitutes digital media? Websites combined with search engine optimization strategies should be the first thing that come to mind. Other key practices are pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and Internet banner ads. The beauty of these marketing strategies is that they can be done on your

SBA: A Peek Into the Future

BY: Ed Szczesniak/ Owner, Georgian Landscape Design While our dear friend Stanley, aka Suwanee Man, is on vacation in Disney World – we stole a quick sneak peek into his top-secret time machine (he should probably come up with a better password than “IloveSBA”) to see what’s happening in Suwanee 2035. Read on fellow Suwanee-ite

Lift Your Sole

Fitness Inspired Jewelry that Inspires You to Renew Yourself and… “Lift Your Sole” By: Angela Veugeler Lift Your Sole is a jewelry line designed for and inspired by women in the running and fitness communities. Founded by Jill Burgett, it was born out of her passion for running and her hobby of deconstructing old or

Bremen Autowerks

New Suwanee Mercedes and BMW auto repair shop drives customers away from Buckhead and into Suwanee! BY: Mackenzie Stephenson The heat of the summer in Georgia can take a toll on your vehicle. The Mercedes & BMW specialists at Bremen Autowerks were kind enough to share some helpful tips on the proper care for your

Wild Birds Unlimited

Suwanee nature store specializes in birding – a multi-generational hobby for all ages. BY: Angela Veugeler One of the fastest growing hobbies among nature lovers in the U.S. is bird watching, or birding. It’s something that can be done in your own backyard, or in one of the many parks in the area and throughout

The Importance of Color in Marketing

BY: Shay Harbaugh, Assistant Art Director, Veugeler Design Group As children, along with learning our ABC’s and 123’s, we also learned about our reds, yellows and blues. While growing up we used colors to help identify objects and shapes. I can hold up a card that has just the word banana and one would immediately

Postal Plus

Print Shop celebrates 20 Years in Suwanee BY: Rachel Pillow On August 14th, 1995 Jeff Oliver and his wife Cristina, opened the doors of Postal Plus: the print & mail shop inside Kroger on Peachtree Industrial and Suwanee Dam. Yes, inside Kroger. “That always throws people off at first,” they laughed. But, once people discover

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