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How To Use Social Media More Effectively For Your Business

MARKETING TIPS If you’re new to social media for business, looking to communicate with your target audience or revamping your social strategy, incorporate a few of these tips to make the most out of the conversation with your customers… Setting Up Company Profiles. Most social media platforms have specific guidelines for creating a profile or page

Designed with a Purpose

Duluth industrial design company integrates marketing strategy, design and execution to create engaging consumer experiences. Good design is created with emotion and implemented with logic. This is the premise that Dimensional Design was built on and continues to live by today. Headquartered in Duluth, GA, Dimensional Design was founded in 1988 by Grant Perry, with

How will the presidential election affect my portfolio?

First, it appears that it is rarely the candidates who determine the outcome of a presidential election. Instead it seems that it is the direction of the misery index – (unemployment rate + inflation). In the 13 presidential elections since 1960, the incumbent party was replaced all 5 times the misery index was on the

Camp Bow Wow

Dogs are a part of the family and with many people working 8-10 hour workdays it’s important to make sure these family members are not neglected as we tend to our busy schedules. Just as working parents would find an after-school program or sitter for their children, they should also find assistance in caring for

Karate Instuctor

Dustin Chovanic Legacy Karate & MMA

Dustin Chovanic Head Instructor at Legacy Karate & MMA and President of Georgia Fitness, Chovanic assisted our cover photo shoot for this issue, ensuring the students were using proper form and recommending kicks. Cover model Colby has been training at Georgia Fitness for two years. As a professional MMA fighter and professional kickboxer, Chovanic is

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Investment Strategies

BY: Bill and Cindi Porter, Aileron Investment Advisors Q: I am self-employed and I am considering using a SIMPLE IRA or a SEP IRA, which would you recommend? – Paul Griffing A: There are excellent advantages to both a SEP IRA and a SIMPLE IRA but they are very different. Your best choice depends on your

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A Summer Camp for Parents?

BY: ED SZCZESNIAK / OWNER, GEORGIAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN So you’re sending little Mary & Johnny off to have a great time at summer camp. We sent our kids to YMCA Camp High Harbor back when they were young – we also sent a LOT of our money! A week there today runs about $800 per

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Omega Difference

BY: RACHEL PILLOW / PHOTOS BY: KARL LAMB   It is easy for some children to feel lost in a large, public school setting. This is why Omega Learning prides itself on what they call the “Omega Difference” – a SACS accredited program that offers: individualized instruction; caring, certified teachers; proven academic growth; daily communication

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Summer Camp: Life’s Most Enjoyable Classroom

BY: BRANDON HECK, FOUNDER, EXCEL ASSESSMENTS AND CONSULTING Parents often turn to summer camp looking for a childcare bridge from one school year to the next. However, for our children, these weeks represent a valuable opportunity to not only have fun, but begin learning invaluable lessons they’ll need for the journey that lies ahead. Lessons

100 Day Post-it Challenge

What began as a fun, personal project for Shay Harbaugh, Junior Art Director at Veugeler Design Group in Buford, turned into something much bigger when it was noticed by international, multi-billion dollar company 3M and their brand, Post-it. BY: PRISCILLA SALMASI For three months, Shay Harbaugh challenged herself and her creativity. From November 2015 to

Suwanee Business Alliance News: Checking Your Business’ Pulse

It’s already 2016 and time to begin setting goals. Whether you are an owner-operator of a business or a small to mid-size employer, there never seems enough time to check the engine of your company. Here are some suggestions of popular categories of entrepreneurs that should do an annual or quarterly “business health check.”

Creating Your 2016 Marketing Plan

By: Priscilla Salmasi Digital Marketing Manager, Veugeler Design Group The new year not only brings resolutions on a personal level, but for local businesses it can mean a fresh start, new initiatives and a brand spanking new budget. One essential part of that budget is your marketing plan. Is it time for you to bump

SBA Santa

A Legacy of Giving

SBA celebrates “Christmas Spirit” year-round by donating to a host of local causes. One thing I’m very grateful for is that I’ve gotten to know, and get deeply involved in our community – and more specifically – the SBA. If you haven’t experienced an SBA gathering you’ve missed the spirit of giving and sharing that

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