2020 Cutest Pup Voting

The two-week voting period will be in effect from 1/27/20 – 2/7/20. Before you vote for the first time you must register, which you can do by clicking the button below. After you log in for the first time after registration, you should not have to log in again and be able to automatically cast one vote per day. You can view more info about each dog by clicking on the dog’s name. The owner of the winning dog will be notified by Monday, February 10th, and will be featured in the March/April issue of Suwanee Magazine. The winning dog will also receive a variety of prizes. Thank you for participating, and may the cutest pup win!
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Morkie – He spins around in circles and can’t make a left without Spinning. He loves avocados 🥑

Pomeranian – Butter is our new addition after we lost our senior, Coco this year. Waffle was very lonely so we brought home butter, his sister. She is six months old, tiny but fierce! She loves to play in half

Malshi – He tries to become friends with Squirrels in the yard, but is too enthusiastic and chases them away.

Aussiedoodle – Charlie is training to be a therapy dog.

Great Dane mix – She loves to sing.

Miniature dachshund –

Lab mix – Daisy was born in Italy, lived in Germany where we adopted her and now lives in Georgia. She’s international!

Miniature Dachshund – He is smart, cuddly, loyal and stubborn. We could see our lives without him.

Border collie – She loves fisbees and agility. Dotty has her favorite toy. , Santa pickle. She has 4 big sisters.

Cavapoo – Ellie is the sweetest pup! She loves to snuggle, play fetch with her tennis ball, and receive tummy rubs. She also loves her spa days getting bathed – then she becomes a fluff ball!

Shitzu – One of her favorite things to do is find a stick to take on our walks. The bigger the better. She doesn’t seem to realize she is a “small dog”. She is very sweet and quite sassy! And

French Bulldog – Gigi lights up any room with her personality and beautiful smile. She loves everyone!

Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner Mix – One ear is always up. Loves cheese. Will do lots of tricks for treats. Likes to take 4 – 5 mile walks and go to the dog park.


Boxer/Beagle Mix – Indie loves to do tricks ! Speak is his favorite one lol !

Australian Shepherd – Kami loves to play with her toys and she LOVES to lick my coffee cup when I am finished drinking my coffee. She will wait patiently for me to finish my coffee every morning. She is very

Blue Nose Pitbull – She can already sit, shake and roll over at 3 months.

Goldendoodle – Logan is a 15 week puppy. He loves to play and hang out with the family. Super friendly and LOVES belly rubs.

Standard Poodle – He a very friendly boy and loves to run and go on long hikes with the family.

Havanese Toy Poodle Mix (Havapoo) – Lucky loves to sing/howl when the kids play their instruments. Enjoys tossing his rope toy in the air himself, and catching it. He also loves to dance on his hind legs.
He is 7

Olde English Bulldogge – Lulu is a very active puppy that loves to wrestle and play fetch with her three (human) sisters, Kaitlyn, Sydney, and Taylor.

Chihuahua mix – Any time an animal of any kind is on TV, Maisie “talks” to it with a very unique grumbling sound.

Yorkie – Marley to cuddle! Has a fun time playing with ballons!

Beagal mix – Little but fierce.

Peekaboo-Jack Russell – Max likes to sunbath.

Golden Retriever – Mia Grace is a very smart 15 week old, Golden Retriever puppy. Mia knows how to sit, lay down, rollover, twirl, and high-five. Mia loves to go for walks and run around, she loves belly rubs, and

Goldendoodle – Millie loves people. In fact she stops by every pup owner at the dog park to say hello, before going to play with the pups. She also loves to give hugs and kisses. She’s the absolute best pup!

Poodle mix – Molly is full of energy but loves snuggles and kisses too! She is a rescue dog!

Shih Tzu – Mona is the sweetest, friendliest, happiest dog I’ve ever known. A day doesn’t go by where she doesn’t brighten it. She loves kids! And she only has one eye 😉

Shiba inu – This is are family’s first dog. We got her on Christmas Eve. She is super sweet and rarely barks!

Rat Terrier Poodle Mix – He was rescued from a puppy mill. He is shy but has a lot of love to give. He enjoys his days taking walks, playing with toys and giving kisses.

Australian Cattle Dog – Ozzie likes to patrol for squirrels in our backyard, play hide and seek, go river tubing on the Hooch, and attend Wet Nose Wednesday games at Coolray Field.

Schnauzador – He is the sweetest boy and loves to run and play, and loves to cuddle when he is tired. His favorite activity is to go to Suwanee Town Center Park and after walking, running and playing he enjoys

Sitzu – Paris is 4 yrs old and often appears on good morning Arcado Elem. She loves children💕

Smooth Fox Terrier – Phantom has earned her AKC Trick Dog Intermediate title at just 8 months. She begins her agility career this month. She trained via online classes with a multi-time World Agility Champion. Wish her luck!

Shetland Sheepdog – Pippa Rose is an agility star. She has qualified to compete in the prestigious AKC National Championship for each of the past 5 years. She holds multiple versions of the highest award the American Kennel Club provides

Miniature Labradoodle – Sneaking into the bathroom to grab toilet paper in his mouth and racing around the house as the roll unfurls makes Pistachio so happy.

Dachshund – He loves pumpkin! #basic

Yorkie/Puddle – he hates to be hugged, to be in arms nevertheless he will stay by your side all night. he is the sweetest but does not ask our neighbors they hate him, he is the terror of the street

Bearded Collie – Razzles appeared on the big screen in the 2018 feature film Life of the Party with Melissa McCarthy. When she is not acting or performing one of her hundreds of tricks, she participates in agility where she

American Staffordshire mix – Rilee will shake your hand when you say the word “banana”. 10 years ago, we tried to teach my other dog how to shake and for some reason he only responded to the word “banana”…Rilee caught

Mixed from Shelter – Loves the dog park. Doesn’t eat puppy food unless you mix in some vegetables. Watches Lindsey Stirling videos.

Pitbull mix – Roscoe is a snuggle bug with no concept of personal space!

Australian Shepherd – Rosie is our 7 year old Australian Shepherd. She is affectionately known as McFluffers (because of her thick working dog coat), but also serves as a nanny for our kids. Rosie has marched near the front of

Pug Mix – Don’t let her mean mug fool you, Sally is a snaggle-toothed snuggler.

Golden Retriever – Scout loves hanging out all over Suwanee. She is either walking around Town Center, trying to steal chips from the patio of Tequila Mama or saying hello to everyone at Stillfire Brewery.

English Maztiff – We rescued Stella two years ago and she is the most loyal girl ever! She loves to be with her humans and play with her toys!

Chiweenie – Tika is a little diva. She is a rescue pup and I’ve had her for six years. I was afraid that she would never be a “normal” dog with the past abuse and neglect she had experienced. But

Chow chow chihuahua mix – He likes to lick his paws like a cat.

Aussie/corgi mix – He loves people. Loves!!

Shepherd Mix – He’s a fighter. He was rescued from the side of a highway at 5 months old. He was skin and bones, but wanted to live. When I rescued him a month later he was still weak and

Pomeranian – Waffle is the fluffiest dog we’ve ever had and so much fun…He’s loyal to his family, loves his doggy friends at the park, can ring a bell for a treat and stand up tall on his tippy toes.

Doberman – Ziggy loves to cuddle, enjoys long walks but is terrified of his own shadow!

Labrador Retriever – Zoey is the most inquisitive curious dog we’ve ever had. She loves to run she loves to play, and she gets along great with everyone. By far the prettiest dog and Suwanee!

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