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Family Matters: Beat the “Back-to-School Blues”

Family Matters: Beat the “Back-to-School Blues”

Beat the “Back-to-School Blues” By: Laura Lebovitz | LMFT at Grow Counseling The fresh smell of new sharpened pencils, the sound of school bells ringing in the halls, reunions with friends you haven’t seen all summer, cracking open new binders for the first time… it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wait, your kids aren’t

4 Ways to Raise a Confident Child

4 Ways to Raise a Confident Child By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise a confident child. That begins with understanding the process of a “sense of self.” Around the age of 2, kids begin to develop their own sense of self. They continue

Ask Henry

Q: My cat is urinating outside of his litter box. What should I do? A: Inappropriate urination is the #1 cause for cats being turned into shelters. Realize that there are several causes for this behavior. First, your cat needs to be spayed/neutered or “spraying” is expected to mark their territory. Next, bring your cat

Summer Ear Health

Summer is upon us and so are outdoor activities in the hot Georgia sun. While we’re all used to hearing the common, necessary precautions such as using sunscreen and staying hydrated, Dr. Matt Gill of Suwanee ENT shares tips to care for an often overlooked, yet highly sensitive body part: our ears. By: Dr. Matt Gill,

OMG!!! Kids and Social Media

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself to help decide if your kids are ready for social media profiles. By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling If you are the parent of a teenager, or your kid just wants to be a teenager, you’ve probably been asked about a variety of social media apps.

 The 4th annual Gwinnett Beer Fest returns to Coolray Field on May 5th 2018

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Grande at the Stadium

 The 4th annual Gwinnett Beer Fest returns to Coolray Field on May 5th By: RACHEL PILLOW  Coolray Field, home of the Gwinnett Stripers MiLB team and Atlanta United 2 will again host the “Beer Fest at the Ballpark”: The Gwinnett Beer Fest. Tickets for the event include unlimited samples of over 150 craft beers! Live

Pet Fitness Suwanee Magazine

Pet Fitness

It is a big responsibility to be in charge of another being’s health and fitness. Most of us find it difficult to maintain our own mental and physical well-being, much less that of our pets!  By: TABITHA TANIS, MS, DVM | CAT CLINIC VETERINARIAN As with any undertaking, in the beginning you are faced with

Suwanee ENT helps with ear health

Maintaining Ear Health

Cerumen, or earwax, is produced by special glands in the skin lining the outer portion of the ear canal. It has unique properties that promote ear health. By: MATTHEW T. GILL, M.D. | SUWANEE EAR NOSE & THROAT It helps to trap foreign debris and transport it away from the eardrum and out of the ear.

Suwanee Family Eye Care helps with Eye Health

Eye Fitness Q & A

It is often said that your eyes are the windows into the soul, a sentimental thought indeed, but in reality your eyes can be the windows into your overall health: which is why it is important to know how to keep them healthy & fit, just as you do the rest of your body. By:

Ask Henry, Cat Questions

Ask Henry

Q: I have a cat that loves to get into the bathroom garbage and play with dental floss. I have also noticed she is very attracted to string and I am afraid she may have eaten some. What do I do now? A: First, let’s talk about what type of string. Unfortunately, it turns out that

A new you in 2018

You Can Do It!

Ways to adopt a “can-do” spirit to become a better version of yourself in 2018. By: SCOTT MAWDESLEY | DEEPER LIFE ADVOCATE & COACH As a deeper life coach, I must admit that I love the reset of the New Year and the hopes and dreams that come with each new resolution! Although I love the

Family Matters: Celebrate Valentine's Day as a Family

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally seen as a time to connect with your partner, it is the perfect opportunity to connect with the entire family!  By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling We can all use Valentine’s Day to tell our loved ones, including our kids, how much we appreciate that they are in our

suwanee magazine get fit challenge

Are You Ready to Get Fit?

Suwanee Magazine wants to help you get back on track to a healthier lifestyle come 2018. That’s why we’re bringing back our Get Fit Challenge. We are currently looking for six local residents who want to kick off the new year with a commitment to a three-month challenge that will give you the tools and

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